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    Tools overview


    Every job is easier with the right tools! Maintain and repair your beer system using industry standard tools. Micro Matic is continually searching for and evaluating new tools benefiting the industry.  Our experts apply their years of trade experience bringing you the best wrenches, thermometers, brushes, etc. for the job.

    Faucet Wrench

    Faucet Wrenches →

    Don’t use anything else to remove your faucet other than an industry standard faucet wrench. Standard pliers will damage the coupling nut holding the  faucet to the shank.

    Tower Wrench

    Tower Wrenches →

    Sure you can resort to “MacGyver” techniques to  tighten a loose tower shank, but why not have a  wrench designed to do the job?


    clamp Crimpers →

    Use the tool designed by the clamp manufacturer. This crimper is indispensable for tightening or  removing stepless clamps or o-clamps.

    Hose Cutter

    Hose Cutters & Sizing Rod →

    Easy to use hose cutters make fast work of cutting beer or gas hose. Our tube-sizing rod is an  indispensable tool to determine the I.D. of any  hose or fitting. The sizing rod is also useful in holding  splicers during connections. A lug straigtener is  designed lift and correct bent lugs (ears) on a keg valve.

    Keg Jacket

    Keg Jackets →

    Insulate a keg from temperature changes  for  transporting or at a special event. Keg jackets have a slot in the top designed for inserting a party pump onto a keg.

    Keg Bumper

    Keg Mats & Bumpers →

    Use a keg mat or bumper for safe handling and to protect flooring when unloading kegs. Bumpers will reduce trouble calls while protecting keg cooperage.

    Keg Stacker

    Keg Stackers →

    Keg stackers are available in two configurations: Single stacker is used for stability in stacking kegs for transport or storage. Series keg stacker is used for  stability in stacking kegs and allowing them to be  tapped either in a series or two different kegs in the same floor space.


    Thermometers →

    The essential draft technician’s tool is a thermometer! Most dispense problems are  temperature related. Determining the temperature at the keg and then at the glass is the first step in troubleshooting. Micro Matic offers a variety of thermometers for different applications. Dial and  digital thermometers are for reading temperature in the glass. A liquid thermometer mounted inside the walk-in cooler is excellent for continuous liquid  temperature reading. Our high tech laser  thermometers are an easy and accurate way to read a temperature in hard to reach places.

    If you don't see what you're looking for, or need more information on tools or keg handling equipment, please give us a call at (866) 291-5756 or send us an email at We also invite you to visit our Dispense Forum where troubleshooting topics and replies are posted. Our goal is your draft beer enjoyment!

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