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    Fresh, Filtered and Chilled

    There’s nothing like a cold, refreshing drink of water. Whether in a restaurant, hospitality or institutional space, Micro Matic commercial water on tap systems, serve up your choice of ambient or chilled still and carbonated water for the most hygienic and best-tasting water.

    sustainable savings

    Consider the savings and sustainability of water on tap versus bottled water. By investing in a water on tap solution, the water is ready immediately, with no need to store and carry an inventory of those wasteful plastic bottles. The eco-friendly dispensing solution also eliminates packaging, transportation, and disposal costs.

    Operationally you will see employee productivity rise due to time saved from stocking fridges and disposing of bottles. Perfect for your business and the planet!


    Ensure Water Purity

    Micro Matic water systems microfilter and purify standard tap water, leaving the water better tasting and balanced.


    Make sure your drinking water is safe. Eliminate exposure to harmful chemicals that can be found in plastic bottles.

    COST-EFFICIENT  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Get rid of costly shipping and storage fees, free up valuable refrigerated space, and reduce labor costs. Save with water on tap!

    commercial water systems

    Though a glass of water might seem like one of the most basic things for a restaurant to serve, it’s actually incredibly important and should not be overlooked. A glass of purified water tastes infinitely better than a glass of ordinary tap water, and it makes a big difference to your guests. Your customers will taste the difference, and thank you!

    Magic H2O Dispenser/Carbonator

    The elegantly sculpted Magic dispense tower and carbonator kit is the perfect solution for featuring water on tap. Beautifully crafted of white ceramic with a high gloss finish and "water" decal, this three faucet tower includes lighted medallions to display water choice: chilled or ambient still and carbonated.

    Xenia H2o Dispenser/Carbonator

    This popular kit features the Xenia tower: a simple, compact, stepped design dispense tower with a highly polished chrome finish that can easily fit into a crowded back bar space or back of house kitchen. The single faucet tower is activated by three buttons for water choice: chilled or ambient still and carbonated options.

    Discover MORE

    Micro Matic offers a full range of commercial water purification systems that are ready for use in your restaurant, bar, hospitality, or office space, ensuring that you give your patrons the best drinking water experience. In addition to our complete systems, we also carry the necessary individual and replacement components you may need to maintain your system, such as additional water filters.

    Beyond our exceptional product line, we take pride in our knowledgeable and friendly customer support staff, who are always available with detailed product equipment to help you choose the best commercial water filtration system to suit your needs.


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