XtraFlexmaster Beer Tubing

Introducing XtraFlexmaster®

XtraFlexmaster Flexible Tubing hose

Vinyl tubing is the dirtiest part of any beer system because it is the most difficult to clean. The rough wall surfaces provide perfect pockets for bacteria to settle and grow.

Micro Matic continues to drive innovation in Beer Line Technology with yet another first! We are the first to develop a FLEXIBLE tube to replace vinyl!

Real world testing shows that the bacteria count is dramatically lower with XtraFlexmaster® tubing than in vinyl tubing. Once line cleaning occurred, the bacteria count in the vinyl tube, quickly jumped back up to it’s highest levels and continued to grow. The count in the XtraFlexmaster® remained stable.


  • Incorporates a new ultra smooth copolymer inner layer that makes it very difficult for bacteria to form and attach to the tube wall.
  • Has excellent oxygen barrier capabilities. This starves bacteria of oxygen leading to improved hygiene. This makes cleaning a breeze.
  • Highly flexible and has very good kink resistance.
XtraFlexmaster Features and Benefits


SAMPLE DATE Sep 1 Feb 14 Mar 21 Mar 27* Apr 16 May 14 Jun 5 Jul 17
Vinyl 770 954 2430 4240 91 2067 4204 4351
XtraFlexmaster® 146 205 253 355 71 312 651 670
3/8" x 5/8" Clear Vinyl from MM USA vs 3/8" x 5/8" XtraFlexmaster® / *Lines cleaned Mar 28
“Replacing vinyl lines with XtraFlexmaster® will prove to be the single most cost effective exercise you can perform that has the greatest immediate impact on product quality.”

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