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    As the beverage dispense technology leader, we are committed to providing the latest equipment solutions and innovations the industry offers.

    With a market-focused approach, our research and development team is dedicated to bringing new and innovative products to life while manufacturing continually improves existing product lines ensuring optimal quality and performance in the field.

    NEW Premium Plus Regulators

    Premium Plus
    Regulator SERIES

    Micro Matic is committed to producing the best quality gas equipment in the industry. Made right here in the USA, every regulator that leaves our plant goes through a rigorous quality control testing process, ensuring accuracy, reliability, and optimal performance.

    Our Premium Plus regulator series offers industry-leading features. Independent testing has confirmed it outperforms any regulator in its price category in all aspects, including pressure accuracy, flow, and recovery time.


    Pushtap, the PUSH ACTION DISPENSE faucet

    This innovative, NSF approved faucet, allows you the ease of pouring any draft beverage with a single hand! PushTap™ uses patented technology along with a 304 stainless steel push plate for easy Push Action dispensing. Limit operator contact with germs and bacteria by simply placing your glass on the dispensing plate and simply, push and pour – it’s that easy.

    Inline NIM

    Inline Nitrogen Infusion Module

    Need to install or retrofit your long draw system to include a nitro-infused beverage? We have the answer! Small and compact, and easy-to-install, our Inline Nitrogen Infusion Module fits in the trunkline just before the tower utilizing an external nitrogen source instantly infusing any beverage of choice.

    UltraTap Forward Sealing Faucet

    UltraTap Forward Sealing Faucet

    The UltraTap faucet is a forward-sealing faucet. The faucet remains full of liquid when the faucet is in the 'closed position' preventing the buildup of unwanted bacteria in the faucet body. The faucet  spout is also removable and can be placed in a dishwasher which makes cleaning easier. UltraTap is constructed of 304-grade stainless steel, which prevents 'off-tastes' allowing for the best in beverage purity. NSF approved for commercial applications, dispense a wide range of beverages including:  beer, wine, tea, cocktails and cold brew coffee.

    CO2 Gas Buddy

    "Co2 Buddy" your Personal Saftey Meter

    The CO2 Buddy personal alarm is designed to detect carbon dioxide (CO2) and warn of any dangerous levels in confined spaces, providing continuous protection for those working in an environment where CO2 is present.

    CO2 Buddy is suitable for a wide variety of applications where CO2 is used, including pub and bar cellars, breweries, restaurants, fast food outlets, agricultural grow houses, medical laboratories, and food packaging plants.

    Digital Refractometer

    Digital Refractometer - Glycol Viscosity tester

    This tool is a professional "must" that will easily give you an accurate reading of the glycol solution in a power pack bath. The custom-designed microprocessor delivers a nearly instantaneous readout of propylene glycol freeze point in degrees Fahrenheit. Having the right mix of glycol and water will result in optimum cooling performance.