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    MEASURE. MONITOR. Monetize.

    Improve quality, ensure consistency, boost profitability, and automate inventory management. Smart Draft™ powered by BarTrack combines Micro Matic’s world-class draft equipment with BarTrack’s innovative sensor technologies and management tools, which deliver immediate profits and yield cost savings.

    The BarTrack Difference

    BarTrack’s proprietary non-intrusive sensors do not rely on turbines to measure flow. The plug and play sensors install easily into any draft system, making any system smart. Once connected, the BarTrack App allows you to manage your taproom on one platform remotely! Through POS Integration, BarTrack reporting displays actionable KPIs based on pours vs. sales – allowing management to pinpoint where, when, why and how waste occurs.


    "BarTrack's technology is superior to any turbine technology on the market. It has no moving parts or obstructions, both of which disrupt the flow of beer. When you combine the ease-of-use for customers, plug and play install, and real-time dashboard to remotely diagnose issues, this becomes an incredibly valuable and powerful system.”



    SMART DRAFT™ Delivers Immediate Profits & Cost Savings

    You can’t manage what you don’t measure! Smart Draft™ powered by BarTrack is revolutionizing the way businesses manage their draft beverage quality, eliminate waste and boost profits.

    Automate Inventory

    Real time inventory and track consumption.

    Quality Control

    Real time temperature and pressure monitoring.

    Boost Profits ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Through POS integration increase keg yield by over 30%.

    Data & Visibility

    See "who, what, when, where and how" waste occured.


    Staff uses the BarTrack app to streamline day-to-day operations, view real time inventory, manage draft system quality and more! Available on any device (iOS, Android, Computers, etc.) – anywhere in the world.

    • Monitors nearly a dozen beverage specific variables in real time, like temperature, pressure, keg levels and more!
    • With no moving parts, this is the most accurate flow sensor on the market, measuring to the mL.
    • Plug and play sensor is compatible with any draft system, including kegerators.
    • Easy install. Utilize for new and retrofit installations.
    • A monthly subscription, starting at $9.99/mo per line, is required for data monitoring. Call (800) 218-6769 for subscription services.

    BarTrack - BRUs

    BarTrack’s state-of-the-art sensors, or BRUs (Beverage Reporting Units), are the most advanced in the draft monitoring space. Available in 2 and 4 product configurations, BRUs can be daisy chained to fit the number of taps in your space.

    Bartrack - WiFi Gateway

    The BarTrack Gateway powers the installed BarTrack Monitoring System, collecting local sensor data and communicating with the BarTrack cloud via your internet. Install the gateway in an accessible place for easy access if a power cycle is needed.



    The SmartDraft™ System, powered by BarTrack, provides real-time access to beverage quality analytics, automates inventory management, and ultimately helps bar, restaurant, brewery, and stadium management teams create the ideal drinking experience for consumers. This innovative partnership is set to redefine the way retailers engage with their draft systems and revolutionize the industry. To learn more, contact one of our sales consultants today!