Acid-Based Liquid Beer Line Cleaner Solution - 32 Oz. Bottle

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Acid Liquid Beer Line Cleaner


Micro Matic Acid Line Cleaner is a heavy-duty phosphoric-based beer line cleaning solution for professional use on the most difficult job or everyday line cleaning. This product is packaged in a 68-oz. bottle with a measuring cup built into the cap for easy dispensing. Micro Matic Acid Line Cleaner is colored red and is approved by all major U.S. Breweries. This product is manufactured in the United States.

Acid Cleaner Solution Attacks and Kills Dangerous Contaminates in Your Beer Lines

Micro Matic Acid Line Cleaner Attacks & Dissolves:
  • Proteins
  • Calclium Carbonate (Beerstone)
  • Hop resins
  • Biofilms
Alkaline Beer Line Cleaner Kills:
  • Bacteria
  • Molds
  • Yeast

Brewery Recommended Solution

Brewers recommend using 3.33 ounces (1 overcap) of solution per gallon of water for effective cleaning. A lower solution mix (i.e. one ounce) will not be as effective in removing build-up and deposits in the lines, thus leading to additional cleanings.

Surfactant Technology

Micro Matic’s beer line cleaner solution contains the latest surfactant technology on the market. Surfactants are wetting agents that reduce surface tension between the deposit to be removed and the cleaning agent. The surfactant brings the deposit and cleaning agent into better contact, allowing for a higher-degree of chemical reaction for removing deposits. The surfactant agent also enables faster and more thorough rinsing–ensuring all the chemical is washed out of the line.

Color Indicator

Eliminate the guess work often involved in beer line cleaning with a color indicator. This feature allows the user to see if the chemical is still in the lines. Always verify if chemical has completely rinsed with pH paper or pH meter.

Minimum Quantity

Sold in quantities of 6 only. For orders shipping to Canada please call our International Sales Department at +1 (352) 799-6331

Buy the Best Beer Lines Cleaning Solution by Micromatic

Purchase a 32 oz. bottle of Acid Beer Line Cleaner Solution today and find out why Micro Matic is most trusted name in draft beer supplies and chemicals.

NOTE: Micro Matic’s acid-based beer line cleaner is for professional use only. Read and follow directions for use. It’s harmful or fatal if swallowed. See the Material Safety Data Sheet below.

Read & follow all label instructions for safety.


Size32 Oz. bottle (Sold by the case only - 12 bottles per case)
MethodFor use with hand pumped, pressurized, or electrical cleaners
Use3.33 ounces (1 overcaps) per gallon of water on regularly maintained lines.
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