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    Electric Re-Circulating Draft Beer Line Cleaning Pump – 300'+ Runs

    The EBC300PLUS Electric Re-Circulating Draft Beer Line Cleaning Pump offers performance at a great value for the professional beer line cleaner! Use EBC300PLUS for line runs over 300'. Power cord NOT INCLUDED.
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    Ensure clean beer lines with the Electric Re-Circulating Draft Beer Line Cleaning Pump! Re-circulation cleaning creates a turbulent flow, which is 80 times more effective than merely soaking a beer line with cleaning chemicals. A clean draft beer system results in fresh-tasting beer, more profit for the retailer, and more keg sales!

    The EBC300PLUS Electric Re-Circulating Draft Beer Line Cleaning Pump is ideal for line runs over 300' and offers excellent performance and value for the professional line cleaner! 


    • Use: For line runs over 300'
    • Corrosion Resistant: Hard coat finish on pump components to resist cleaning chemical corrosion
    • Portable: Cordless design and quick disconnect hoses for easy transport
    • User Friendly: Body-mounted On/Off switch allows for easy control
    • Consistent Usage: Built-in 15 minute timer
    • Temperature Resistant Hose: Hoses (6' length, 3/8" I.D.) remain flexible at low temperatures
    • Robust: Stainless steel case for durability
    • Power Cord: Not Included. Purchase 5-15P 115v cord separately.

    PUMP MAINTENANCE: The EBC300PLUS Electric Beer Line Cleaning Pump features an internal screen to trap contaminant particles before going through the pump. The screen needs to be cleaned periodically for the pump to function properly and prolong the pump's life. The pump will not prime or pump if the screen is not clean. It is recommended that the screen be cleaned regularly every two months or more frequently, depending on pump usage and line cleaning conditions.

    To service and clean the internal screen:

    1. Remove the housing cover on the pump (the one with the Micro Matic logo).
    2. Locate the pump (the brass part hooked to the motor) and remove the large nut on the bottom of the pump.
    3. Removing this nut will expose the screen. Clean the screen with a brush and water.
    4. Reinstall the screen and replace the cover.

    NOTE: Always use proper "brewery-approved" Micro Matic Beer Line Cleaner Chemical when cleaning lines. Use a turbulent circulation action for a minimum of 15 minutes (Brewers Association recommended standard).

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