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    Liquid Beer Line Cleaner

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    Beer Line Cleaners for Draft Beer Systems


    Nothing irritates customers more than beer-on-tap that tastes wrong. To prevent this you must clean your beer lines effectively. The most crucial component of maintaining a top-of-the-line draft beer system is proper
    cleaning. Special beer line cleaners are necessary to thoroughly and properly clean your draft beer system.

    Reduce mineral deposits and bio-films in beer lines
    Periodic full-system cleaning reduces mineral deposits or bio-films that can build-up on the inner walls of the beer line. Cleaners also sanitize other dispensing components. Doing so avoids off-taste in your beer, resulting in customer complaints. Dispensing components that must be cleaned include the beer line itself, keg coupler, faucet, and anything that might touch the beer itself. The right mix of chemicals removes these deposits. Knowing what to use to clean your beer lines isn't a difficult decision.

    Eliminate the guesswork when adding beer line cleaner to your draft beer system
    Micro Matic's beer line cleaners make it easy for you to maintain a top of the line draft beer system to deliver a perfect pint. Our cleaner is color-coded to eliminate guesswork by easily identifying when the chemical is in use, and when it's been rinsed out of the lines. We also offer wine line cleaners as well.

    High-grade chemical components make Micro Matic's beer line cleaner the best!
    State-of-the-art surfactant with proper chelators, dispersants and scale inhibitors allow the total package to work more efficiently than any other product on the market.

    Alkaline and acid cleaning chemicals
    Alkaline (Caustic) beer line cleaners dissolve:

    •     Proteins
    •     Carbohydrates
    •     Hop resins
    •     Bio-films

    They also kill:

    •     Mold
    •     Bacteria
    •     Yeast

    Acid draft system cleaners
    This type of cleaning chemical for beer line systems is designed to dissolve minerals, referred to regularly as beer stone. Here are 3 Reasons why you should choose Micro Matic beer line cleaners:

    1. Micro Matic is the industry leader in beer line products. The best breweries, restaurants, bars, and companies that dispense beer trust Micro Matic.
    2. Color-coded chemical provides convenience and safety when you clean your beer lines.
    3. Micro Matic's alkaline line cleaner is the lowest foaming option on the market.

    Learn here the importance of beer line cleaning and how to do so safely.

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