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The Draft Beer Experience Begins At First Glance

Presentation is part of the art of a great draft beer! Whether you are serving premium imports at a mid-town bar or your favorite lager at home, use draft beer towers and be proud of how you pour. Create a mood and compliment the room’s décor by choosing the right beer tower. Draft beer towers are available in a variety of body styles, number of beer faucets and cooling configurations.

Before choosing the right draft beer tower, it is important to determine how the beer is being cooled. Draft beer towers can be simply divided into two categories: Air cooled and glycol cooled.

Air Cooled

In this system, cold air maintains the desired beer line temperature from the keg to the draft beer tower’s faucet. Air-cooled draft beer towers are commonly found on kegerators, home, and commercial bars or applications where the tower is close to a static or forced cold air source.

Glycol Cooled

In this system, glycol maintains the perfect beer temperature by using independent coolant lines to circulate refrigerated glycol in lines parallel to the beer lines. Glycol draft beer towers are used when air cooled systems are incapable of maintaining beer temperature. All our glycol cooled draft beer towers are marked with a Kool-Rite™ snowflake icon.

Micro Matic can also provide custom draft beer towers. Are you looking for a draft beer tower with a slightly different twist? Or do you need a few simple changes to fit your specific application? We can help. Micro Matic has the capability to manufacture custom draft beer towers and drip trays to meet all your dispensing requirements. Just give us a call at (866) 327-4159 for more information on how we can help.

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