Do-It-Yourself Kegerator
Conversion Kits


Enjoy cold, fresh draft beer at home and save money too! A glass of draft beer is about 1/2 the cost of cans or bottles. Our kegerator conversion kits are ideal for the home bar, patio, college activities or custom installations. The kegerator kits make an excellent alternative to the more expensive keg refrigerator or kegerator. Micro Matic offers a great selection of kegerator conversion kits to fit any installation or budget. Order manufacturer direct for the finest and most complete kegerator conversion kits on the market today!

Kegerator conversion kits are the simplest and most economical way to convert a new or spare food refrigerator into an impressive home draught beer system or kegerator. You can even convert a freezer into a kegerator by adding a temperature control unit.

We offer the largest selection of kegerator conversion kits on the web. The kits have new, commercial grade components – the same you would expect at your local tavern. All our kits are easy to install with our complete step-by-step instructions. Kegerator conversion kits are simple to assemble and make a great gift for the do-it-yourself beer lover in your family. There are many variations of kegerator conversion kits. These kits have been divided into two categories:

  • Kegerator Door Mount Conversion Kits – Beer is dispensed from a faucet mounted on the door. This is the most traditional kegerator conversion kit and it allows easy access to storage of additional cans or bottles in the refrigerator.
  • Kegerator Tower Conversion Kits – Beer is dispensed from a tower mounted on the counter top installation. Perfect for “built-in” installations for the at home bar look. You can use an under counter refrigerator or possibly convert a top opening chest-style freezer.

Requirements for all Kegerator Conversion Kits

Consistent temperature from the keg to the faucet is critical. Keep the beer at the keg and in the line to the faucet between 36°-38° F for proper beer dispensing. The beer must never be allowed to “warm up” until it is poured into the glass.

The size of the refrigerator or freezer is not important as long as it is large enough to hold a keg of beer. See Keg Size Information for details.

Kegerator Components

CO2 Cylinder – Brand new aluminum 5 lb CO2 cylinder. Our gas cylinders are “not reconditioned” like many kegerator conversion kits. In addition, our aluminum CO2 cylinders have extra thick walls for durability. Aluminum is lighter and easier to handle than steel cylinders and do not rust. The cylinder valve is equipped with a self-sealing o-ring assembly. The CO2 cylinder is shipped empty, you will have to find a local gas supplier to fill it.

Gas Regulator – Quality commercial grade CO2 regulators ensure constant, uniform pressure control – even during peak party time loads! Non-adjustable, patented pressure relief valve (PRV) provides shutdown safety in the event of diaphragm failure. The PRV is set to blow off pressure at 55-65 PSIG. Left-hand threaded high pressure ports to prevent low-pressure outlet use. Internal relief valve (when delivery pressure exceeds set pressure by 15 PSIG), integral quad-ring seal (no washer required), inlet end particle filter. No leak toggle shutoff. Replaceable seat assembly. Factory pressure tested to insure at home reliability.

  • Single gauge primary beer regulator
  • Top mounted gauge for outlet pressure reading.
  • Double gauge primary beer regulator
  • Top mounted gauge for outlet pressure reading and side mounted gauge for pressure remaining in cylinder.

CO2 Pressure Line – 5' vinyl pressure line assembly, brewery approved, odorless and tasteless. Remains flexible, resists cracking.

Keg Coupler / Keg Tap – The keg coupler attaches to the keg valve allowing CO2 gas to enter and beer to exit. We supply our kits with the American “D” system coupler. This is the most popular U.S. lever handle keg coupler design providing simple and reliable tapping. Safety first: built-in pressure relief valve opens if gas pressure is over 55 PSI. Easy, one-hand operation.

Beer FaucetBeer tap premium quality faucet with forged brass body and polished chrome finish. Quick-acting handle. Ball washer fabricated from PTFE for smooth consistent performance and easy operation beer after beer. A high gloss black plastic faucet knob is included.

Beer Shank – Assembled 5-1/8" long shank, one-piece shank and nipple hose end prevents leaks. Parts included: shank, forged brass locknut, plastic wall flange, coupling nut and snap ring.

Beer Line – 5' beer line assembly, brewery approved, odorless and tasteless. Sanitary mirror finish inside for smooth beer flow. Resists breakdown by cleaning solutions. Factory precision pre-made hose for quick installation with hex nut on one end for coupler connection and open on the other for nipple shank connection.

These kegerator conversion kits are fun, and easy to install! And they pay for themselves with the savings generated over cans and bottles. If you don't see what you're looking for, or not sure how to put all this hardware together, please give us a call at (866) 291-5756 or send us an email at Our Draft Beer FAQ page offers lots of answers. Check out the Dispense Forum for more questions and comments.

Download the Kegerator Conversion Kit Instructions Our goal is your draft beer enjoyment!