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This listing is for U.S. domestically distributed kegs. Verify with your local distributor the cooperage (keg and valve system) for the beer you intend to dispense.

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We at Micro Matic do try to maintain a database of brands of draft beer and the system of valve they use in their kegs. But, as there are literally tens of thousands of breweries and brands of beer available it's simply not possible to maintain a listing of every brand of beer.

For those brands of beer not covered in our listing, we recommend simply inquiring about the system of keg coupler with the company you are purchasing your kegs from. If they do not know, they can make a quick call to the beer distributor or brewery to find out this information for you.

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Beer BrandSystemCouplerPump
Saint Bernardus AbbotD 7485E 7509E
Saint Bernardus PriorD 7485E 7509E
Saint Feuillein Cuvee de NoelS 7486E 7520E
Saint Pauli GirlS 7486E 7520E
Sais Dup Farmhouse AleD 7485E 7509E
Sam Adams Boston LagerD 7485E 7509E
Sam Adams SeasonalD 7485E 7509E
Samuel SmithA DH1501 751-059
SapporoD 7485E 7509E
SaranacD 7485E 7509E
Saxer BrewingD 7485E 7509E
Scaldis Belgian AleD 7485E 7509E
Scaldis NoelD 7485E 7509E
Schmitt'sD 7485E 7509E
Schneider Edel WeisseM M1500 JERR-9
Schneider WeisseM M1500 JERR-9
Scottish & NewcastleS 7486E 7520E
Scottish TennentsG GTL425 751-057
Shiner BockD 7485E 7509E
Ship InnD 7485E 7509E
ShipyardD 7485E 7509E
Shmaltz Brewing Hebrew Lenny's R.I.P.A DH1501 751-059
Shmaltz Brewing Hebrew Messiah BoldD 7485E 7509E
Shock TopD 7485E 7509E
Sierra Nevada Pale AleD 7485E 7509E
Sierra Nevada SeasonalD 7485E 7509E
Sir Perry William'sG GTL425 751-057
SleemansD 7485E 7509E
Smithwicks Irish AleU G408 751-033
SouthpawD 7485E 7509E
Spanish Peaks Black DogD 7485E 7509E
Spaten LagerA DH1501 751-059
Spaten OktoberfestA DH1501 751-059
Spaten OptimatorA DH1501 751-059
Spaten PilsA DH1501 751-059
Standing Wave Pale Ale (Kannah Creek Brewing Co.)D 7485E 7509E
Staropramen Premium LagerA DH1501 751-059
Starpramen DarkA DH1501 751-059
Starpramen GranatA DH1501 751-059
Starr Hill BreweryD 7485E 7509E
Steam WhistleA DH1501 751-059
SteinlagerD 7485E 7509E
Stella ArtoisS 7486E 7520E
Stoudts BrewingD 7485E 7509E
StrohsD 7485E 7509E
Strongbow CiderS 7486E 7520E