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    Starting guide for commercial customers with existing logins

    On visiting our new website for the first time, you will be required to reset your password in order to access your current account. Please follow the instructions below to reset your password. If you require additional assistance, reach out to or

    Step 1:

    Go to

    - Click the LOGIN icon in the upper right corner of the website

    Step 2:

    - Enter the e-mail address that you use in the previous Micro Matic web shop, in the field "E-mail". Do not enter any content in the password field.

    - Click the "Login" button

    You will now receive an e-mail in your mailbox. Please allow a few minutes for the e-mail to arrive. If you don't receive the e-mail, please check your spam folder.

    Step 3:

    Open the e-mail that you have received and click the link to reset your password

    Step 4:

    Enter and re-enter a new password and click "Set new password".

    Step 5:

    Your password has now been reset and you can login to the new web shop:

    1. Go the

    2. Click the login icon in the upper right corner

    3. Enter your e-mail and the newly set new password

    4. You're in...

    If you require additional assistance, reach out to or