Glycol Viscosity Tester - Refractometer

Glycol Viscosity Tester


This patented tool is a professional "must" that will easily give you an accurate reading of the glycol solution in a power pack bath. Having the proper mixture of glycol and water will result in optimum cooling performance. Easy—to—use and requires little or no training, it can be mastered by anyone in just minutes.

  • Place a drop of glycol on the measuring surface beneath the ViewPoint Illuminator
  • Look through the eyepiece and press the ViewPoint Illuminator
  • Take your reading at the point where the contrast line (difference between light and dark areas) crosses the scale
  • View Glycol Viscosity Tester  

Glycol needs to be tested and/or replaced on annual basis.


Overall Length
Temperature CompensationAutomatic
Glycol Mix 1 Gallon Glycol with 2-1/2 Gallon WaterRefractometer Reading 0 to +5
Glycol Mix 50% Glycol with 50% WaterRefractometer Reading -30
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