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    U System - Ergo Lever Handle - Magners

    This U System keg coupler is to be used specifically with Magner Irish Draft Cider. The coupler is easy to use with an ergo lever handle and slide-on design. The coupler features a 304-grade stainless steel probe, which is corrosion-resistant and extremely durable.
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    # G40801
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    Replacement Parts
    Replacement Parts

    The G40801 coupler is exclusively used with Magners Irish Cider. Using a 304-grade stainless probe steel this coupler is durable and ensures no metallic off-taste for highly acidic beers and ciders. The keg coupler connects to the keg valve, "tapping" the keg. Both the gas line from the CO2 tank/regulator and the beer hose to the beer faucet attach to the coupler.


    • Well-type connection
    • 304-grade stainless steel probe for the ultimate in purity
    • Easy to engage: push down to tap/pull up to untap

    Visit our beer brand/coupler system page to see a full listing of beers and associated couplers

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