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    Beer Keg Gas Equipment


    Beer needs an "engine" to move it from the keg to the faucet. This driving force can be CO2 or mixed gas. Micro Matic has all the components to move your beer! Shop with Micro Matic for the largest selection of gas regulators, cylinders, filters or leak detectors.


    Regulators →

    Micro Matic offers a full selection of CO2 and Nitrogen regulators. We have tank mount primary regulators, and wall mount secondary regulators for adjusting the pressure downstream. A properly  adjusted and functioning regulator is one of the keys to dispensing quality draft beer.


    Gas Cylinders →

    We stock CO2 cylinders sized from 2-1/2 lb to 20 lb. Check out our popular lightweight aluminum  cylinders. Get a second CO2 cylinder as a backup to ensure you keep pouring at your next party!

    Gas Distributor

    gas distributors →

    Gas distributors are a great way to manage the gas source. They offer the ability to turn on or off the gas to a specific line and not affect the others.

    Regulator Panel

    Regulator panels →

    Micro Matic secondary regulator panels are ready to mount in walk-in coolers. Each panel is sturdy  galvanized steel with the regulators pre-mounted, along with stainless steel wall brackets. Our  complete kits also include jumper hoses for beer and red vinyl hose for gas – reducing labor cost for your next installation.

    Gas Blenders

    gas blenders →

    Gas blenders allow for on site blending of CO2 and Nitrogen at the correct ratios with great accuracy. Using a gas blender allows beer to be dispensed when CO2 is inadequate without over-carbonating or flattening the beer. Higher pressure from a blender is ideal for temperature fluctuations and long remote runs. This world-renowned technology reduces waste while increasing sales due to quality assurance.

    Nitrogen Generator

    nitrogen generators →

    Produce your own Nitrogen on demand! Our Pro-Line Nitrogen Generators produce 99.7% pure  Nitrogen. The nitrogen is then blended with the  correct proportion of CO2 for trouble-free  pressurization of keg beer. Nitrogen generators are easily installed and provide reliable unattended  performance.

    Mini Nim

    Nitrogen Infusion Modules →

    Create nitro cold brew dispenser; retrofit an existing kegerator with our NIM module in less than 15 minutes. Achieve consistent nitro cold brew coffee pours, glass after glass.

    Detector Analyzer

    Detectors & Analyzers →

    CO2 leaks can be hard to find. Our CO2 leak detector easily traces CO2 or mixed gas leaks. Our gas  analyzer is a revolutionary tool for the draught  service technician or brewer to determine the exact percentage of CO2 in gas blends.

    If you need more information on gas equipment, please give us a call at (866) 291-5756 or send us an email at We also invite you to visit our Dispense Forum where troubleshooting topics and replies are posted. Our goal is your draft beer enjoyment!