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    Alkaline Liquid Beer Line Cleaner - 15 Gallon Bulk

    Micro Matic offers a heavy-duty alkaline-based beer line cleaning solution for professional use on the most difficult job or every day line cleaning. Packaged in a 15-Gallon bulk container for best pricing.
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    Micro Matic Alkaline Beer Line Cleaner is a heavy-duty, alkaline-based beer line cleaning solution that attacks and dissolves proteins, carbohydrates, hop resins, and biofilms and is tough on bacteria, molds, and yeast. This product is for professional use on the most difficult jobs for everyday line cleaning. Micro Matic Alkaline Beer Line Cleaner is manufactured in the United States and approved by all major U.S. breweries. For best pricing, it is packaged in a 15-gallon bulk container.

    This Alkaline Liquid Beer Line Cleaner Attacks and Dissolves:

    • Proteins
    • Carbohydrates
    • Hop resins
    • Biofilms


    • Brewery Recommended Cleaning Solution – Brewers recommend using 2–3% caustic in solution for effective cleaning. A lower solution mix (i.e., one ounce) will not be as effective in removing build-up and deposits in the lines, thus leading to additional cleanings.

    • Surfactant Technology – Micro Matic Beer Line Cleaner solutions contain the latest surfactant technology. Surfactants are wetting agents that reduce surface tension between the deposit to be removed and the cleaning agent. The surfactant brings the deposit and cleaning agent into better contact, allowing for a higher degree of chemical reaction for removing deposits. The surfactant agent also enables faster and more thorough rinsing–ensuring all the chemical is washed out of the line.

    • Alkaline Liquid Beer Line Cleaning Solution is Effective in All Water Conditions – Water conditions can vary from hard to soft nationwide. Micro Matic Beer Line Cleaner delivers consistent cleaning performance in any water condition, ensuring that the lines in your company are contaminant-free and safe for consumers, as well as ensuring high-quality beer-drinking experiences for your discerning customers.

    • Lowest Foaming of Any Alkaline Cleaner – Less foam results in greater beer line contact with the cleaning solution. Save time and labor by reducing clean-up from excess foam using Micro Matic’s superior beer line cleaning Alkaline chemical solution.

    • Color Indicator – Eliminate the guesswork often involved in beer line cleaning with a color indicator. The product is colored blue, and this feature lets you know when the alkaline chemical solution is in the line and when it has been safely rinsed out. Always verify with pH paper.

    • Shipping – Free shipping for quantities of 9.

    • Hazardous Material: An additional hazardous material fee applies. Contact your sales representative for details.

    NOTE: Micro Matic’s alkaline-based beer line cleaner is for professional use only. Read and follow directions for use. It’s harmful or fatal if swallowed. Download the Material Safety Data Sheet for more information before using it.

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