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    Type A Keg Coupler – Ergo Lever Handle

    The Type A keg coupler, otherwise known as the German Slider coupler, is easy to use with an ergo lever handle and easy slide-on design. The keg coupler features a 304-grade stainless steel probe, which is corrosion-resistant and extremely durable.
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    Replacement Parts
    Replacement Parts

    The Type A Keg Coupler is commonly called the German Slider Coupler because it slides onto the valve face. It is used by breweries such as Hoegaarden, Paulaner, Spaten, and Warsteiner. This German beer keg tap slides on for a quick and easy installation. Its high-quality design makes it an excellent choice for home and commercial bars.

    The keg coupler connects to the keg valve, "tapping" the keg. The gas line from the CO2 tank/regulator and the beer hose to the beer faucet attach to the coupler.


    • Slide on keg connection
    • 304-grade stainless steel probe for the ultimate in purity
    • Short handle ideal for 1/6th barrel kegs and keg with a rubber chime
    • Ergo lever handle
    • Easy to engage: push down to tap/pull up to untap
    • PRV (pressure relief valve)
    • It fits A System keg valves
    • Easy to use
    • Excellent for beer, cocktails
    • For home or commercial use

    For confident performance, choose a keg coupler designed by the same manufacturer that supplies over 90% of the world's valves.

    Visit our beer brand/coupler system page to see a full listing of beers that use the A System valve.

    NOTE: A System couplers are taller than a standard US Sankey D System coupler. We recommend using a 90-degree keg coupler elbow (sold separately) to avoid clearance issues or line kinking.

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