Beer Line Cleaning Kits & Equipment


Why Beer Cleaning is ImportantUsing Micro Matic beer line cleaning kits and beer line cleaning equipment, your draft beer system will be thoroughly cleaned and continue to dispense top quality beer.

Regular cleaning of the beer line, faucet, and keg coupler is extremely important. If cleaning is not done on a regular basis, bacteria, yeast, mold, and beer stone will build up and quickly degrade the quality and flavor of draft beer. A few minutes spent cleaning on a regular basis with the proper bear line cleaning equipment and cleaners will greatly add to your draft beer enjoyment!

Beer Line Cleaning Chemicals- Liquid Powder Micro MaticIt is very important to use cleaning chemicals that are specifically manufactured for beer line cleaning. These chemicals are made to dissolve the buildups of bacteria, yeast, mold, and beer stone that occur with draft beer without leaving behind unwanted residue or off-taste. Keep your customers in mind when using these cleaning chemicals -- read all labels carefully on beer line cleaning kits and follow all directions carefully!

Beer Line Cleaning Kit Setups

Beer Line Cleaning Hand Pump Kits Beer Line Cleaning Pressurized Bottle Assemblies Beer Line Cleaning Can Beer Line Cleaning Two Stage Kits
  • Hand Pump Kits - Use a cleaning bottle with a hand pump to clean direct draw kegerators. The process involves pumping water mixed with cleaning chemical into the beer line and letting it stand for a few minutes. Then thoroughly flushing the beer line with water to remove all traces of the cleaning chemical.
  • Pressurized Bottle Assemblies - Pressurized cleaning containers work like tapping a keg: the same gas pressure for the keg is used to force the cleaning solution through the lines. Choose from a variety of valves and container sizes to fit your needs.
  • Cleaning Bottles - These plastic containers have interchangeable bottle caps for all keg valves. Containers are available in 1.3 gal, 3.9 gal, 7.9 gal, 13.2 gal. The 1.3 gallon size is perfect for home or light commercial use. The 7.9 gal and 13.2 gal are for In-Place cleaning systems.
    4-Head Cleaning Cans - Beer systems with many different keg couplers can use a four head custom cleaning can with the valves needed. Four lines can be cleaned at once with four different couplers. The convenient 4.8 gal container has a large fill opening for mixing chemicals and rinsing.
  • Two Stage Kits - The two stage cleaning kit is easy to use: two one gallon bottles, one for chemicals and one for rinse water.

Beer Line Clean In Place Systems Clean in Place (CIP) Systems - Install an in-line cleaning system for a fast, easy and cost effective way to clean draft beer lines. This system can be easily installed in any walk-in cooler. To clean the lines, the keg couplers are removed from the keg and attached to the ring-main socket. There is a ring-main socket available for any style keg coupler. Then with a few easy steps, your draft beer lines are clean and pouring fresh tasting beer. The 7.9 gal and 13.2 gal cleaning bottles are perfect for holding chemicals and/or rinse water for the In-line system.

Electric Pump CleanerElectric Pump Line Cleaner - For long draw systems it is recommended to circulate the cleaning solution in the beer line for at least 10 minutes. This method of cleaning requires a motorized cleaning pump. Circulating the cleaning solution is 80 times more effective than static (soaking) line cleaning.

Accessories for Beer Line Cleaning

  • Beer Line Cleaning Brushes Cleaning Brushes - Micro Matic has a wide range of cleaning brushes made with bristles of either nylon or stainless steel. Nylon brushes are essential for day-to-day equipment cleaning. If you encounter faucets or equipment with extreme buildup try one of our robust stainless steel bristle brushes. Long handled brushes are ideal for scrubbing the interior walls of extended shanks.
  • Probe Lubricant Probe Lubricant - It is essential for proper performance to re-lube the keg coupler’s moving parts after cleaning. Always use this food-grade lubricant.
  • Beer Line Cleaning Cups Cleaning Cups - Keg coupler cleaning cups are sometimes referred to as “flushers”. Flushers are an easy way to make coupler connections for cleaning. Join two “D” system couplers together with a double flusher and flush from one faucet to another. Kegs hooked up in a series can be cleaned using a single flusher. Micro Matic also has cleaning cups for Guinness, Bass and Warsteiner!
  • More Tools and TechniquesMore Tools & Techniques - Clean lines from the beer faucet using a faucet cleaning attachment. You can remove the beer faucet and connect the beer shank to a cleaning pump or bottle. A ball lifter tool is made to keep the check ball in the coupler probe from stopping the cleaning solution flow when flushing from the faucet to the keg. A double male coupling is an easy way to join two beer lines with hex or wing nut fittings so the flow can be returned allowing two lines to be cleaned at once.

Cleaning Tips

Beer Line Cleaning TipsAfter you are done cleaning your beer line, it is a good idea to make sure the probe o-rings and bottom seal on the keg coupler are in good condition. Also check the friction washer, coupling washer, and shaft seat on the faucet. Make sure the probe o-rings on the keg coupler are properly lubricated, (with a food grade lubricant), to prevent wear and tear that can occur when the keg coupler is tapped and untapped to the keg.

Beer Line Cleaning Residential ApplicationsFor residential applications, cleaning should be performed after every keg or at a minimum of every two weeks. Routine beer line cleaning is essential to maintaining quality and fresh taste. For commercial applications, cleaning cycle times depend on the beer system length. Systems less than 25' in length should be cleaned at least every two weeks, longer systems should be cleaned following brewery recommendations and/or state guidelines.

Note: Only use cleaners/chemicals specifically designed and manufactured for beer line cleaning. Only chemicals specifically manufactured for beer line cleaning will dissolve the buildups of bacteria, yeast, mold, and beer stone that occur with draft beer. And for safety it is very important that all directions on these cleaning chemicals be followed completely.

If you don't see what you're looking for, or not sure about proper cleaning methods, please give us a call at (866) 291-5756 or send us an email at We also invite you to visit our Dispense Forum where cleaning and troubleshooting topics are posted.

Our goal is your draft beer enjoyment!