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    Cleaning Can - Stainless Steel - 4.8 Gallon

    Quickly and easily clean your draft beer dispensing components using the Micro Matic 4.8 Gallon Stainless Steel Cleaning Can with three (3) heads. Customize with any combination of 4head/valves: D, S, G, U, or A system
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    Replacement Parts
    Replacement Parts

    Quickly and easily clean your draft beer dispensing components. Fill this cleaning can with Micro Matic Beer Line Cleaning Solution, tap it like a keg, and watch as the solution sanitizes while you dispense it. No need to disassemble components; this easy-to-use cleaning can make quick work of draft system maintenance.


    • Create a personal cleaning can with the valves you need
    • Customize with any combination of 4 head/valves: D, S, G, U, M, or A System
    • 4.8 gallon capacity
    • 9" in diameter

    NOTE: To connect this cleaning can to your beer lines, you'll need a system valve that matches your coupler, whether A, D, S, M, G, or U. Order any combination of four (4) valves with this item but note, that you may only be able to connect to a combined three (3) valves at any time. The product cannot be sold without valves. Valves are an additional cost. Stainless steel containers should never be used with cleaning chemicals containing chlorine.

    This is a Clearance Product. Clearance Products cannot be returned for credit or exchange. Prices shown are the final price. No other discounts will be applied. This Cleaning Can is on clearance due to the ability to only use three (3) couplers at one time.

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