Your Virtual Beer ManagerWe've partnered with the world's leading draught monitoring solution.

iDraught is a web-based business enterprise solution designed to increase your draft beer profitability immediately!
Analyze draft beer pour information across multiple locations to help you maximize yield per keg and increase
bottom line profits. This easy-to-use, yet powerful tool captures and consolidates data to drive results.


  • Measures every drink poured
  • Discrete wireless transmitting unit
  • Integrates with POS system
  • Behavioral vs. operational loss
  • Actionable data and email alerts
  • Dedicated client services team

Identify issues before there problems

  • Individual beer line temperature
  • Walk-in cooler temperature
  • Glycol temperature
  • Line cleaning activity
  • Flow rate

Manage in minutes

  • Drive incremental growth
  • Oversee equipment performance
  • Increase keg yield
  • Improve guest experience