Nitro Cold Brew Coffee On Tap


Whether you’re a large chain, institution, or an artisanal independent shop looking to expand your beverage offerings, consider nitro cold brew coffee – the hottest generational drink that your business needs. Between the benefits and unique flavor – it is sure to bring in additional business. Help meet the demand and introduce customers to new and exciting flavor experiences in this ever-growing beverage category. Cold brew coffee on tap and nitro brew coffee can offer a point of difference for your business.

Micro Matic’s Nitro Cold Brew dispensing technology takes the coffee on tap concept a step further by giving you the ability to instantly infuse your cold brew coffee consistently with nitrogen to create an ice-cold cup of joe on demand — one that won’t get watered down by melting ice; giving you the perfect pour every time! No matter how large or local your business, we have you covered. We make it easy for you to be serving the “hottest” cool beverage - nitro cold brew coffee!

Check Out the Complete Equipment Line!

Micro Matic has a variety of nitro cold brew coffee dispensing equipment suitable for your café, bar, hospitality or restaurant needs. Each of our machines can dispense regular or nitrogenized cold brew at the pull of a switch with no downtime between pulls.

Unlike other systems that produce inconsistent results when adding nitrogen to a beverage, our complete line of dispensers pour consistently, so every cup of joe you serve is perfect, from the first to the last – leaving the competition feeling flat!


Brew your own perfect nitro cold brew blend, or buy cold brew in ready-to-dispense kegs. This nitro coffee dispenser brings more choice to your coffee shop or café.

  • Dispense from a Beverage Tank or keg of cold brew coffee
  • Choice of still cold brew or nitro cold brew coffee
  • “Y” keg to dispense through two faucets
  • Stores the coffee cold for higher volume accounts
  • Interior mounted Nitrogen Infusion Module (NIM) unit nitrogenates by the glass
  • Available in a new 17-1/2" wide format

* Black vinyl exterior standard, brushed stainless steel exterior available. Branding wraps can be designed and applied. Ask sales person for reference.

Micro Matic Joe Tap Americano
NIM Nitrogen Infusion Module V1

nitrogen infusion module (NIM)

Create a nitro cold brew dispenser, retrofit an existing kegerator with our new Nitrogen Infusion Module (NIM). Achieve consistent nitro cold brew coffee pours glass after glass. The NIM utilizes an external nitro gas source. Use with ready-to-drink (RTD) kegs or brew your own and store it in a Beverage Tank™ or corny keg.

  • Instantly infuse your coffee or tea with nitrogen
  • Add Compact-sized module to any keg box
  • Easily adjust the amount of infused nitrogen in your beverage
  • Easy to clean
  • 100% consistency pour after pour
  • In-line version available for long draw applications
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