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    The Millennial’s Coffee:
    What is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee and Why You Should Be Selling It

    Millennials Enjoy Riffs on Cold Brew Coffee

    Those born between 1980 and 1995 (the largest living generation today) are having a love affair with nitro cold brew coffee. These individuals seem to have an unquenchable thirst for cold brew — for them, it could be straight up, iced, and now…nitro.

    What is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee?

    A nitro cold brew is coffee that has been infused with nitrogen gas to produce a rich and silky taste with a creamy head, similar to a Guinness stout beer. The nitrogen infusion also gives each pour a beautiful reverse cascade that’s a joy to watch (think “theater in a glass”). And millennials can’t get enough.

    Nitro Brews to Brand a Generation’s Identity

    Millennials are changing the way people drink, just like they changed the way people drink beer.  Many have latched on to craft beers while turning up their nose at the established big brews. They’re intrigued by new flavors, unique character, and the art of the brewing process.

    Gen X, Gen Y, and millennials are not so different, finding their own identity. Finding a new craft beer or a new way to enjoy coffee that no one knows about is the challenge. Nitro cold brew coffee is a part of this growing generation's evolving identity. Plus, as a generation that has grown up with social media, millennials use their social network to boast about a new beer they’ve tried or a new nitro cold brew coffee at their local cafe.

    Remember the Unicorn Frappuccino at Starbucks? The drink was more-or-less designed to get millennials to photograph and post it to their Instagram. Today, there are nearly 155,000 images of the drink on Instagram with #unicornfrappuccino. Who knows, your nitro cold brew pour could be featured on one of their feeds tomorrow!

    Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is a Millennial’s New Healthy Alternative

    Coffee? Health benefits?? It’s true! According to the Wall Street Journal, younger consumers view cold coffee as a healthier alternative to energy drinks and soda. You should notice how you can increase your bottom line as a business. Some gyms are now even serving nitro cold brews to give customers a boost of energy before doing their lifts and lunges (it’s a slow, cold brewing process that delivers a higher caffeine content -1 ½ to 2 ½ times the normal cup of hot brewed coffee).

    The real benefit is natural flavor instead of additives like sugar found in other drinks. While it’s not unusual to see someone dump a ton of sugar into a traditional coffee, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who adds sugar to a nitro cold brew; that’s because the nitro foam hits the tongue in spots that give the perception of sweetness without the need for sugar. This makes a nitro cold brew a great alternative to black coffee without compromising taste.

    Another benefit? Cold brews are very low in acid, benefitting coffee drinkers who tend to get heartburn, have sensitive stomachs, or suffer acid reflux.

    What is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee? It Is Your Business’s Opportunity

    Whether you’re a large chain needing convenience or an artisanal independent shop, nitro cold brew coffee is your business's generational drink. Between the benefits and unique flavor, it will surely bring in additional business. No matter how large or local your business is, we have you covered. We make it easy for you to serve the “hottest” cool beverage–nitro cold brew coffee!

    A Dispenser to Fit Your Business
    Micro Matic, the global leader in on-tap beverage dispensing, has the newest equipment to elevate your business by expanding your beverage portfolio. With nitro cold brew’s popularity, we offer a variety of nitro cold brew kegerators and equipment options, from direct draw dispensers to in-line nitrogen infusion modules for long draw systems. Click here to learn more!


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