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What sizes of keg is draft beer available in?

Hits: 1587491
Availability of each size of keg will vary by brand and location ...
04 Apr 2016

How many kegs of draft beer can be dispensed out of a CO2 tank?

Hits: 407781

As a general rule of thumb, it takes about a ½ Lb of CO2 to dispense ...


Where can I get a CO2 cylinder filled?

Hits: 280324
You should inquire with your beer supplier to find a nearby company that fills CO2gas cylinders. If they are unable to recommend a company, another option is to look in your phone book under Fire Extinguishers or Fire and Safety Equipment. Companies that refill fire extinguishers are typically willing to to fill CO2cylinders.
12 Nov 2015

Pressure: What pressure do I need to set the CO2 beer regulator at?

Hits: 257172
What pressure do I set the CO2 beer regulator at? When dispensing keg draft beer, the goal is to keep the CO2 level prescribed by the brewer.

How long will a keg of draft beer remain fresh?

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All beers are at their best on the day the keg is filled ...
23 Feb 2016

Temperature: What temperature do I need to store draft beer at?

Hits: 214572
Almost all draft beer problems are temperature related

How can I set up my beer to be dispensed 5' away from my refrigerator?

Hits: 134243
Simply insulating the length of beer hose from the refrigerator to the tower will cause problems ...

Draft Beer Profitability

Hits: 129143
Increase your establishment’s profitability by properly installing and maintaining a draft beer dispensing system, and implement a beer friendly glass program to ensure maximum appeal and profits.
03 Mar 2016

Direct Draw Beer Line Cleaning

Hits: 122637
Foamy draft beer can be caused by the build up of bacteria, yeast, mold, and beer stones within a beer line. Dirty beer lines lower the quality and taste of beer. It is important to regularly clean beer lines, faucets, and keg couplers to ensure the dispense of high quality beer.