Kegerator (Tapping Kit Incl.)


A Kegerator with a Tapping Kit is a complete beer dispensing system delivered to your door. The only thing needed is a keg of your favorite brew and to fill the CO2 gas cylinder. The Kegerator will arrive with step-by-step instructions to help you set up the system, and tap the first keg.

The instructions will include procedures for cleaning and maintaining the system with the one-quart plastic cleaning bottle, cleaning brushes, line cleaning solution, and faucet wrench included in the Kegerator Tapping Kit.

The beer dispensing hardware included with the tapping kit will vary depending on the kegerator selected. See the product details page for the specific hardware included with each kegerator model. Each kit typically contains:

  • A five-pound aluminum CO2 gas cylinder, aluminum is superior in quality and safety to steel cylinders. This cylinder will store enough Carbon Dioxide to dispense 5 - 6 kegs of beer.
  • American Sankey "D" system keg coupler(s) that features a stainless steel handle fork, a tin-nickel alloy plated probe, a built in pressure relief valve, and check valves for both the gas-in and liquid-out ports.
  • Thermoplastic red super vinyl gas tubing with re-usable snap clamps.
  • A Brewery approved 5' long beer tubing assembly with hex nut fitting on one end.
  • A High gloss generic black plastic faucet knob. One or two gauge CO2 regulator that features a solid forged brass body, wire mesh inlet filter, quad-ring inlet seal, built in pressure relief valve, 0-60 output gauge, and a 3/8" O.D. outlet barb with shutoff.
  • Premium quality chrome plated solid brass beer faucet.