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    Edgestar Single Tap Kegerator – Freestanding – 1/2 Keg - 20" - Tapping Kit

    EdgeStar Single Tap Kegerator full size kegerators are capable of reaching temperatures in the low 30s, making them the coldest of any kegerators on the market. This unit is perfect for beer enthusiasts looking for a economic and reliable kegerator before spending more on a commercial unit.
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    Set up your draft beer system at home and serve cold draft beer using the Edgestar Single Tap Kegerator. EdgeStar full-size kegerators can reach temperatures in the low 30s, making them the coldest on the market. This unit is perfect for beer enthusiasts looking for an economical and reliable kegerator before spending more on a commercial unit. 


    The EdgeStar full-size kegerator comes with commercial-grade, NSF-approved beer and air lines. All the tapping kit beer components are Micro Matic high-quality parts, including an American Sankey D Style coupler, CO2 regulator, stainless steel draft tower with faucet, beer and gas line, and a new aluminum CO2 tank (empty). Other competitors sell the EdgeStar kegerator, but you can only buy it with high-quality Micro Matic tapping equipment here. 



    • Beverages On Tap - Included in this purchase is a refrigerator and all necessary kegerator hardware and components 
    • Temperature Range - Keep beverages cool from the low 30's to the mid 40's 
    • Stainless Steel Door - This sturdy door looks great and will hold up over the life of the unit (included on stainless steel model only) 
    • Ample Capacity - Store up to a half-shell Sankey standard keg 
    • Easy Mobility - Included casters make this unit easy to relocate 
    • Tapping kit - Includes Micro Matic tapping kit – all the quality accessories you need to serve cold draft beer 
    • Slim width - Only 20" wide; 4" less than a standard kegerator 
    • Designed for home use - Quiet and energy-efficient 
    • Protective floor plate - For extra durability 
    • Two vinyl-coated shelves - Allows easy conversion to refrigerator 
    • Easy to clean top - With glass guard rails 
    • Removable drip tray - For easy cleaning 



    • (1) Brand new aluminum 5 lb. CO2 cylinder (legally shipped empty). Aluminum cylinders are lightweight, durable, do not rust, and are easy to handle. Aluminum cylinders are also superior in quality compared to most steel cylinders on the market. 
    • (1) Single gauge CO2 regulator with a 0–60 output gauge and a 3/8" O.D. outlet barb with shutoff 
    • Vinyl gas hose with Tee fitting and re-usable snap clamps 
    • (1) Micro Matic American Sankey D System keg coupler that features stainless steel, a stainless steel handle fork, a tin-nickel alloy plated probe, a short lever handle, a built-in pressure relief valve, and check valves for both the gas-in and liquid-out ports 
    • (1) NSF-certified 3" diameter dual-faucet polished stainless steel column tower. Pre-assembled with a brewery-approved hose, unaffected by normal cleaning chemicals, and a hex nut and neoprene washer on one end for connecting to the keg coupler. 
    • (1) Premium quality chrome-plated solid brass beer faucets. Features a chrome-plated forged brass body, a PTFE lever washer for smooth, consistent performance and easy operation, a solid brass faucet lever, and a chrome-plated bonnet, shaft, and collar 
    • Complete, detailed, easy-to-follow instructions for quick installation 
    • 2-1/2" Single faucet chrome plated ABS plastic column tower. Preassembled with a brewery-approved hose that is unaffected by normal cleaning chemicals and a hex nut and neoprene washer on one end for connecting to the keg coupler 
    • High gloss generic black plastic faucet knob 



    WARRANTY: 90 days on labor, one year on parts only. All warranty work is handled through the manufacturer's service center, and it is recommended that all packaging be retained for warranty purposes. 


    NOTE: This unit will not support using Coors or Miller rubberized kegs or other oversized kegs. This model of keg refrigerator is designed for freestanding and indoor use only and maintains a temperature range from the high 30s to the mid-40s. Energy Star: Beer coolers, kegerators, and other beverage coolers can not qualify for ENERGY STAR. The ENERGY STAR program only qualifies residential refrigeration products included in the Department of Energy's appliance efficiency standards program. There are 18 product classes in the refrigerator efficiency standards. Beer coolers, kegerators, and other beverage coolers do not meet the technical definitions for any of the 18 product types in the standards program; therefore, they are not included in the ENERGY STAR program.

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    WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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