Kegerator Tower Conversion Kits


Tower kegerator conversion kits often are used on freezer chest applications where the use of an external temperature control unit keeps the freezer temperature above freezing at 38° F. Bar top tower conversion kits applications are also very popular. In this type of application, it is important to remember that the distance from the keg to the beer tower has implications on both cooling and beer line resistance. For more information on long draw systems, please give us a call.

Basic Tower Kegerator Conversion Kit Components

  • CO2 gas regulator
  • Brewery approved pressure hose with connectors
  • System D “American Brands” keg coupler
  • Beer tower and faucet knob, and brewery approved beer hose with connector
  • Step-by-step instructions


  • CO2 cylinder
  • Beer tower drip tray
  • Beer line cleaning kit