Beer Tap Handles
for Draft Beer & Keg Beer

Beer Tap Handles

Personalize your kegerator! Micro Matic offers an amazing portfolio of unique tap handles to add a signature touch to any beer dispenser. Beer tap handles are easy to install. Simply twist the threaded handle onto the faucet lever and installation is complete. Use the lever collar to adjust beer tap handle positioning to the front.

The beer tap handle opens and closes the beer faucet. Pulling the beer tap handle forward allows beer to flow from the faucet. Pushing the tap handle back, closes the faucet and stops the flow of beer.

The stout faucet is specially designed to dispense Nitrogen beers. When pulling the stout tap handle forward the faucet's diaphragm lifts allowing beer to flow. Pushing the handle back is the creaming technique used to create foam. Stout faucets are closed when the beer tap handle is in the upright position.

Beer tap handles too short? –You can add 2" quickly.

Beer tap handles hitting the wall? –Our angler will solve the problem. All of our tap handles fit the faucets we sell. The thread is a U.S. standard 3/8-16. For heavier handles you might want to consider replacing the brass lever with a stainless steel lever to prevent the handle from snapping off.

If you're not sure about your faucet and tap handle configuration, please give us a call at (866) 291-5756 or send us an email at