John Guest Fittings


John Guest push-in fittings are a fast and reliable connection alternative over traditional compression and barb fittings when connecting two liquid lines. Simply cut the tubing square and insert it into the fitting. Check out our full range of fittings for the beer and beverage industry!

Equal: Use equal connectors when joining tubing of the same I.D. (inside diameter).

Reducing: Use reducing connectors when making a transition from one hose I.D. to another hose I.D.


Step 1 – Cut Tubing
Cut the tube square ensuring it is free of score marks. Do NOT use a hacksaw. Avoid damage to the internal o-ring by removing burrs and sharp edges on the tubing. Inside the fitting are stainless steel grippers that grab the tubing.

Step 2 – Assemble the Connection
Push the pipe into the fitting to the pipe stop. The collet has stainless steel grippers that hold the pipe firmly in position. The o-ring provides a permanent leak proof seal. Simply pull on the tube to check it is secure.

Step 3 – Disconnect
Depressurize the line before removing the tube. Push in the collet (ring closest to tube) squarely against the face of the fitting. The tube can be removed when the collet is pushed in. The fitting can be re-used.

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