Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Our Green Vision

Closing the Loop on Environmental Protection

Micro Matic Closed, Sealed & Secure container valve solutions are inherently “green”. After all, we have a long and proud history of supplying keg valves to the brewing industry for many decades. Over 20 years ago the basic technology for beverage dispense was adapted to chemical closed systems. Steady growth can be attributed to the robust stainless steel reusable, recoverable and recyclable components. While single trip solutions are available, the materials used are all recyclable contributing to the reduction of solid waste. While each supply chain is unique, common solutions for industrial container packaging systems exist for a wide variety of chemical applications.

Sustainable & Economical

The experience of Micro Matic as a proven partner has helped the chemical industry design green solutions. We take a practical view by developing Closed, Sealed & Secure engineered solutions that are sustainable, economical and environmentally friendly.