Testing Swabs - ATP Hygiene Meter

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Testing Swabs


Wipe surface to be tested with swab and then simply read the meter for contamination.


  1. Remove swab from test tube and swab surface.  Swabbing motion should be in a 4 x 4 inch square while rotating swab or a random motion that ensures a good sample collection
  2. Place swab back in test tube
  3. Break plastic Snap Valve at top of swab by bending bulb.  Squeeze bulb twice, pushing liquid reagent down swab shaft
  4. Shake test for 5 seconds
  5. Place test in SystemSURE Plus and close lid
  6. Press "OK" and reading will appear in 15 seconds

NOTE: Product must ship in freezable container via UPS Next Day Air

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Package Quantity100 Swabs
NoteMust be kept refrigerated (shipped with refreezable cooling block)
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