Wine Flavourlock Trunk Line - 3/8" 4 Product Lines w/ 2 Glycol Lines

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4 Products / 2 Glycol Lines


State of the art tubing with very smooth inner layer to reduce bacterial growth and to insure easier cleaning.

Barriermaster Flavourlock incorporates a special barrier layer that practically eliminates any gases such as oxygen entering the beverage through the tube wall. Other tubes (even our own Brewmaster 2) utilize a nylon inner layer as the barrier layer, but will allow 20 times more oxygen permeation—affecting the quality of the wine in the tube.

Barriermaster Flavourlock utilizes highly engineered food approved polymers for the inner layer. A major property of these polymers is that they do not impart an off—taste into the wine even after prolonged storage in the tube. Therefore the taste and quality of wine dispensed through Barriermaster Flavourlock will not be altered from its filling by the vintner.

Barriermaster Flavourlock is the tube of choice for wine dispense!


Trunkline is cut to order and Non—Returnable.


LengthBy the Foot
Oxygen Permeation0.15 (cc/metre/day/bar @20°C)
Restriction Value.07 Lbs. per Foot
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