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    Summit Kegerator - Freestanding - 1 Faucet - 1 (1/2) Keg - 24" - Tapping and Cleaning Kit

    This dual-tap Summit kegerator is for residential beer dispensing and is designed for freestanding use. Black painted steel with stainless steel door for durability and elegance. Kegerator fits up to 1/2 barrel (full size) kegs, complete with keg tapping equipment and cleaning kit.
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    # BC-1206S
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    This kegerator unit features a large interior that can hold a full half, quarter, 1/6 or mini keg. It comes in a jet black cabinet with a matching Sankey tower. The surface includes a removable drip tray to collect spills and a chrome guard rail to help keep glasses and mugs in place. We include a set of locking casters for easy mobility. This unit features a reversible stainless steel wrapped door with a thin horizontally mounted handle for a sleek, modern look.

    Automatic defrost operation ensures minimum user maintenance inside the 5.6 cu.ft. interior. A digital thermostat makes it easy to manage the temperature at the touch of a button. The external digital display shows the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit to ensure your beer is stored exactly how you like it. The Summit tapping kit includes all the accessories you need for draft service. The floor is reinforced with a steel cover for added durability when loading kegs.


    • Automatic defrost - Reduced user maintenance with auto defrost operation
    • Ideal beer temperature - Operates between 33˚ and 50˚ F to keep a variety of beers stored at just the right serving temperature
    • Top guard rail (ships unassembled) - Attractive chrome guard rail helps to reduce spills and neaten service
    • Drip tray - Removable drip tray catches spills to help contain the mess
    • 100% CFC free - Environmentally friendly design without ozone-damaging chemicals
    • Tapping kit - Includes Micro Matic tapping kit – all the quality accessories you need to serve cold draft beer
    • Cleaning kit - Includes Micro Matic cleaning kit – plastic cleaning bottle with a faucet cleaning attachment, cleaner, and cleaning brush
    • Digital thermostat - Electronic controls ensure easy temperature management, with an external readout in Celsius or Fahrenheit
    • Fully finished black cabinet - Allows the beer dispenser to be used freestanding
    • Casters included (ship unassembled) - To make the beer dispenser portable, install this set of 2-1/2" high locking casters
    • Stainless steel floor cover - Interior includes steel cover to protect the floor when loading kegs
    • Deep chill function - Great for getting faster cooling results when loading your first keg
    • Reversible door - User-reversible door swing for added flexibility


    • Tower w/Faucet assembly, (Includes tubing, hex nut, tail piece, clamp & rubber beer washer)
    • D-system keg coupler
    • Red air line
    • Clamps for air line
    • Co2 regulator
    • Empty 5Lb. Co2 cylinder

    SHIPPING: Stocked and shipped from Pennsylvania. Delivery within Eastern U.S. typically in 2-3 business days. Delivery within Central U.S. typically in 3-4 business days. Delivery within Western U.S. typically in 4-5 business days.


    WARRANTY: One year parts and labor, five years on the compressor (parts only). All warranty work handled through manufacturer's Service Center.

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    WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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