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    Air Cooled draft beer System components


    Air Cooled Systems are economical to install if the point of dispense is less than 25 feet from the refrigerated keg. These systems are good for short runs, but are difficult to maintain temperature in longer situations. It is important to have good air circulation around the beer line to the faucet. The circulation then needs to return to the cooler, creating a loop. If maintaining the temperature looks like it could be an issue, move up to a small glycol power pack.

    Air Cooled System

    An impeller blower is used to circulate cold air from the refrigeration unit, through ducting carrying the beer to the faucet. Check the distance from the keg to the faucet and choose a blower sized for the application.

    Flexible metal ducting is used to create a chamber to contain the beer tubing and cold air. Flexible metal  tubing is only sold in 25 foot coils. Shorter systems can be created from PVC. Tech Note: The system must not have more than two 90° bends in it. Every 90° bend in the system is equal to adding five extra feet of run to the system, i.e. a 10 foot system with one bend is really a 15 foot system.

    Always wrap the air duct with 3/4” wall insulation to maintain the 38° temperature from the cooler. We also carry 2” wide foam tape insulation for finishing off a job.

    Fittings and Accessories
    On this page you will also find black duct tape, spray foam insulation, and:

    • Mounting flange adapter - This adapter makes a clean mounting point for the air duct exit/entrance point on the cooler unit.
    • Baffle plate - Complete the air circulation loop: insert a baffle plate into the tower.

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