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    Portable Dispensing for special events


    Flash Chiller

    Need a portable party? Micro Matic sells a variety of keg beer dispensers on wheels, ready to roll out and follow the party!  

    Super Cooler
    Low profile insulated unit for direct dispensing. Place keg inside; add three bags of ice and the super cooler will keep beer colder than any other type of non-electric keg container. Uses CO2 for easy dispensing.

    Clamp-on Towers
    The look of a traditional draft tower simply clamped on to the table edge, with the beer cooled by a flash chiller or coil cooler. Consider a clamp-on tower system for dispensing pasteurized (imports) beers on a regular basis. Non-pasteurized beers can be dispensed from a clamp-on tower for special events lasting a limited number of hours.

    Flash Chillers
    Electric flash chillers create a 20 pound ice bank surrounding a 30’ coil to chill beer. Great for use with pasteurized imports on a regular basis, or non-pasteurized beers at special events.

    If you don't see what you're looking for, or need more information on equipment for special event dispensing, please give us a call at (866) 291-5756 or send us an email at

    Our goal is your draft beer enjoyment!