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    Flexidraft Tower

    Since 2013, FlexiDraft™ has pioneered a unique solution to a clean beer line with every new keg. FlexiDraft™  utilizes a one-way beer line which eliminates the problems common to conventional draft beer systems:  hygiene issues, and the labor and cost for cleaning and maintenance.

    The beer line in the case of FlexiDraft™ must be changed along with the keg, the risk of contamination is eliminated and thus cleaning can be reduced to a minimum.  In addition, FlexiDraft™ saves on the consumption of water, cleaning detergents, travel time and labor of cleaning beer lines.

    Use FlexiDraft™ to ensure draft beer quality and satisfied draft customers.

    This widespread popularity is due to the FlexiDraft™ hygienic story: Ensure fresh draft beer with every tapped keg. Great for remote hard to reach retailers and home users.

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    FlexiDraft™ is a global success and can be found in more than 5,000 outlets across the world - and growing! More than 65 local, regional and global brands already use FlexiDraft™.       

    A clean beer line with every keg change


    Standard faucet

    Step 1

    Open the the FlexiDraft™ tower by pressing the two buttons. (Make sure the keg coupler is disconnected first.) The upper part will move forward by itself, then lift.

    Creamer Faucet

    step 2

    Drop the keg coupler end of the one-way beer line into the tower column. Fix the beer outlet end to the faucet nozzle. Close the tower lid, it will snap securely into place.

    Stout Faucet

    Step 3

    Push the beer end of the one-way line into the keg coupler. Place the keg coupler on the new keg and press the handle down to tap the keg.