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    Commercial Water Filtration Systems


    Water On Tap

    There’s nothing like a cool, refreshing drink of water, and with Micro Matic commercial water filtration systems, you’ll have the cleanest and best-tasting water on tap to serve your customers. Serve up fresh, chilled, purified and/or carbonated water from one of our water dispensing systems to give your guests the ultimate drinking experience to be found in a water glass.

    Though a glass of water might seem like one of the most basic things for a restaurant to serve, it’s actually incredibly important and should not be overlooked. A glass of purified water tastes infinitely better than a glass of ordinary tap water, and it makes a big difference to your guests. Purified or filtered water on tap acts as an excellent palate cleanser, so that your guests are better able to appreciate the other beverages that you have to offer, not to mention your delectable selection of food and bar snacks. In addition, using purified  water means that your coffee, tea, and lemonade will all taste significantly better than they would if made with ordinary tap water. Your customers will taste the difference and thank you!

    Micro Matic offers a full range of commercial water purification systems that are ready for use in your  restaurant or bar, ensuring that you give your customers the best drinking water experience. In addition to complete water dispensing systems, Micro Matic carries all the necessary individual and replacement  components you may need to maintain your system, such as additional water filters. Beyond our exceptional product line, we take pride our knowledgeable and friendly customer support staff, who are always available  with detailed product equipment to help you choose the best commercial water filtration system to suit your needs. No matter the size of your bar or restaurant, and no matter the size of your budget, Micro Matic has the filtered water solution that’s perfect for you and your establishment.

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