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    Pro-Line™ Beer Glycol Power Pack – 2 Pumps – 1 HP - 7,250 BTU – Water Cooled

    Specially designed to accommodate long draw beer systems. The compressor is water-cooled for high temperature/humidity installations. This beer glycol power pack features: 7,250 BTU, 1 HP water-cooled compressor, 11.5 gallon glycol bath, and two pumps for glycol re-circulation.
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    # MMPP4305-PKG-WC
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    Replacement Parts
    Replacement Parts

    Remote or long draw glycol-cooled systems are designed to deliver cold draft beer at the same temperature as the walk-in-cooler over long distances by using a Pro-Line™ Beer Glycol Power Pack. The power pack is at the heart of the system, as it maintains the temperature of the beer by circulating propylene glycol, a non-toxic, food-grade antifreeze mixture, alongside the beer lines all the to the faucet. 


    Micro Matic is committed to producing the industry’s most efficient and reliable glycol power packs in the industry. Our cooling technology is the perfect fit for your establishment. Micro Matic Pro-Line™ Power Packs are engineered by draft beer industry experts with the installer/operator in mind. The large glycol bath and superior insulation properties allow the compressor to cycle less frequently and ensure the maximum life-cycle of the power pack, reducing service calls and downtime of your beer system. Our expansive portfolio of power packs can be found in local bars and restaurants to some of the highest volume accounts in the world. 




    • Sight Glass for Bath Level – Verify glycol level without removing the lid. 
    • Digital Thermostat – The adjustable digital thermostat provides an accurate glycol temperature display for ease of readability. 
    • Pumps – Industry-standard rotary vane pumps are ultra-reliable and easily serviced, reducing replacement and downtime.  
    • Thermally-efficient Bath – Engineered with a large capacity bath and expanded foam in the walls and floors, our units run less, saving energy and extending the compressor life. 
    • Lift-Off Deck Lid – A completely assembled upper deck ensures easy serviceability and reliable performance. 

    Specially designed to accommodate long draw beer systems. The compressor is water-cooled for high-temperature/humidity installations. This glycol power pack features: 7,250 BTU, 1 HP water-cooled compressor, 11.5 gallon glycol bath, and two pumps for glycol re-circulation. 


    *Units manufactured prior to 2/1/2022 were produced with a 6-15P plug. Power pack series models (MMPP4301, MMPP4302, MMPP4303 and MMPP4305) manufactured after 3/1/2023 use R513a refrigerant.  


    WARRANTY: All power packs carry a full 18 month warranty against defects in material and workmanship and one year on labor from the date of sale. Defective parts, subject to our inspection, will be replaced or repaired during the warranty period on a no charge basis. The compressor is warrantied for an additional three and one-half (3-1/2) years. All loss of sales must be borne by the purchaser. 


    Need help choosing the right power pack for your space? Select the most efficient unit by using our BTU Calculator 


    NOTE: Glycol Bath Ratio: 5 gallons of glycol to 7 gallons of distilled water (40% glycol to 60% distilled water). It is recommended that distilled water be used because it does not contain impurities that will contaminate the glycol bath and the operation of the "thin-plate" technology.

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