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    In-Line Nitrogen / CO2 Gas Leak Detector - Single Gas Line

    This single gas in-line leak detector from McDantim lets you know in seconds if you have a leak in your beer system and can help you gauge how big the leak is.
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    Determine gas leaks – save costs and employees from exposure to hazards! The McDantim In-Line Gas Leak Detector convenient, simple, easy to install, and can go before or after the blender to locate different types of leaks. This leak detector can be fitted with standard hose barb sizes: 1/4", 5/16", or 3/8".

    Gas leaks in your beer system can occur anytime and anywhere. And no matter how small or big the leak is, it is important that you deal with it immediately. With McDantim's gas leak detector, you can find out right away if you have a leak in your keg system and—most importantly—gauge how big the leak is.

    This gas leak detector is great for use as a nitrogen detector and is, therefore, especially valuable in systems with nitrogen generators. Leaks in these systems not only waste gas and electricity but also kill off compressors. Needless to say, rebuilding or replacing compressors is expensive and troublesome, which is why this McDantim in-line leak detector is guaranteed to pay for itself in the long run.

    How it Works: Chamber containing a small plastic float. If gas flows through the chamber, the float will lift up. The larger the gas flow, the higher the float lifts up. If no beer is being poured, the float will remain at the bottom of the chamber. If floating, with no beer being poured, a leak is present.

    It is suggested that, upon installation, you check this nitrogen gas detector first thing in the morning before pouring your first beer or at night after pouring your last beer so that you can be sure that your system is leak-free.


    • For a single gas line.
    • Tells you in seconds if you have a leak in your beer system and can help you gauge how big the leak is.
    • A McDantim nitrogen gas detector that can be checked anytime after installation.
    • Find out right away when the leak requires immediate attention or is hazardous to employees with this gas leak detector.
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