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    The Vineyard Is Now On Tap! From The Winery... Straight To Your Glass

    A good glass of wine is one of the great pleasures in life. A glass of wine that’s gone bad is significantly less pleasant, but keeping wine fresh is a surprisingly difficult task—one that can be solved using tap wine systems. These innovative systems, which resemble draft beer systems, preserve your wine in the optimal conditions to keep it fresh and flavorful from the moment it leaves the winery to the moment it hits your glass.

    How exactly does serving wine by the keg help keep the wine fresh? We’re so glad you asked! Wine is vulnerable to both oxidation and fluctuation in temperatures, meaning that improper transportation and storage can damage and change the wine's taste before the bottle is even opened. Once the bottle is opened, exposure to air will cause the wine to oxidize and go bad within days. Fortunately, the power of technology means that these problems have an easy fix in the modern era. By storing and serving wine in kegs instead of in bottles, you can protect the wine from both temperature changes and oxygen exposure. Your wine will stay fresher, longer so that you have the perfect taste in every glass.

    First and foremost, kegs are more resistant to temperature changes than are bottles. Partly this is due to materials: stainless steel kegs will change temperature less than glass bottles. In addition, the volume of wine in a keg means that even when the keg itself becomes overheated or overcooled, the wine will take longer to change temperature than it would in a smaller container. This advantage means that your wine will be less susceptible to the unpredictable storage and transportation conditions that can happen between the winery and your establishment.

    Second, serving wine by the keg keeps the wine significantly fresher than serving it from bottles because it prevents the oxidation that causes spoilage. When wine is served from a bottle, and then re-corked, the air inside the bottle will cause the wine to oxidize. The wine will then spoil within a matter of days, meaning that you may have to throw away bottles of wine from which you’ve served only one or two glasses. When wine is served from a keg, however, the problem of oxidation is eliminated, as is the waste problem.  Once the keg has been tapped, the wine inside it is kept under pressure with a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide gases. No oxygen remains within the keg. Because of this unique system, wine on tap can be kept for a full year after the keg is opened and tastes perfect every day.

    With the incredible technological advantages of wine on tap systems solving temperature and oxidation's primary problems, you gain a competitive advantage that few others can claim. The wine you serve your clients will taste exactly the way that the vintners intended—it’s almost as though your tap system is a direct link between the winery and the glass!

    Intrigued? Find everything you need to set up your own wine dispensing system today!


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