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    The Economic and
    Earth-Friendly Beer Keg

    Everyone knows there is nothing better than beer on tap. And every kegerator owner knows the value of draft beer when you consider the economics of dispensing draft beer at home and the benefits the beer keg delivers in protecting our environment. After all, the beer keg has been around since the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620, and it's still going strong.

    The eco-friendly beer keg wins out every time; it is not uncommon to find a beer keg for 30 years in service delivering brewery fresh draft beer and costing anywhere from 3 -5 cents per ounce! In fact, over this 30 year period, a single beer keg will dispense over 20,000 pints, which is the equivalent to over 27,000 cans and bottles that require disposal.

    The beer keg is returnable, refillable, and recyclable! And when it comes to the experience of tapping some of the world’s finest draft beers, you realize – it doesn’t get better than this, the best of the brewer’s art at your fingertips in the comfort of your own home – in a keg package that reduces solid waste. The beer keg definitely walks the walk.

    There is no doubt the take-home pint is a good deal, especially now when managing personal budgets and savings is a top priority. You can easily save 30-40% each time you pour a draft, compared to the cost of bottles and cans, and for specialty or craft beers in keg, the savings can be over 50%.

    In some respects, I guess we can call the beer keg the brewing industries contribution to offering an economic stimulus package (I know, a bad joke). Still, in the end, it is about saving money and enjoying your favorite beer on tap. For the veteran kegerator user, we are preaching to the converted. For those looking for ways to save money, we suggest you take your garage refrigerator or get a used refrigerator and tap into the value of draft beer and start saving today.

    There can be a strong argument made for opening up a “kegerator savings account” – take the savings from enjoying a draft beer in your home and put it away for a rainy day. We know there is no substitute for going to the pub with your friends and enjoying a cold one on tap – but it is also good to know that there are options on those days and nights when this is not possible. Just think of the time and gas you’ll save, just a little more humor!

    In the end, it’s about getting the best quality at the greatest value, and this is why the number of kegerator owners continues to grow by the thousands each year. By far, the kegerator owner is the most discriminating consumer and, through experience, has learned that the best bang for your buck is “On Tap.”

    Get ready for summer and take advantage of the savings to be gained from dispensing draft beer from your own kegerator all year round… by the way, it is a great way to make friends and influence people.

    Raise a Glass to Draft Beer Sales!

    For over 60 years, Micro Matic has been recognized as one of the world’s leading suppliers of draft beer equipment. Specializing in keg-to-glass technology, we offer a total solution for meeting your draft beer equipment needs. Our dedication to customer service is supported by four regional sales and distribution centers, the Micro Matic Dispense Institute for training and education, and a Certified Installer Network for draft beer installations. Want to speak with a “perfect pour” expert? Contact Micro Matic today.