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    Kool-Rite™ Technology

    Draft beer towers with Micro Matic’s patented Kool-Rite™ technology provide optimum cooling at the point of dispense. Our innovative modular construction makes installation and service as simple as PLUG “N” POUR. Let’s explore the components of the Kool-Rite™ module beginning at the beer entry point.

    Kool-Rite™ technology, a new industry standard, features 100% stainless steel contact with the beer from the trunk housing connection to the faucet. Because of its ability to maintain the beer's integrity, stainless steel is the brewery's preferred dispensing material.

    The beer line starts with a barbed end, featuring a tapered design for easy installation on 5/16” to 3/8” I.D. beer lines. The barb is tig-welded to provide an ultra-reliable leak-proof connection.

    Copper coolant lines provide excellent cold temperature transfer and also feature integrated barb ends for secure hose connections. The copper coolant lines and stainless steel beer lines are initially joined together with foil tape. Next, they are wrapped by foam insulation tape, and finally, the entire module is filled with foamed insulation to provide the ultimate cooling transfer and temperature preservation.

    The pinnacle of Micro Matic Kool-Rite™ innovation is found in the double "d" cold block, which securely locks into the tower insert to prevent rotation and provide a direct cold transfer point. The stainless steel beer lines are pressed into the cold block, forming a leak-proof joint. The stainless steel beer shank screws into the cold block for direct contact resulting in the maximum cold transfer. Another innovative design of Kool-Rite™ includes double o-rings that seal the shank and beer line connection. Even if the shank is loose, the beer connection remains completely sealed.

    Only after the beer and cooling connections are leak-tested, the Kool-Rite™ module is filled with foam-in-place insulation. The module is then wrapped with moisture barrier tape to prevent perspiration and cold transfer to the draft tower shell.

    The Kool-Rite™ module is unique for its PLUG “N” POUR capability for installation and service. Look for the Kool-Rite™ Inside symbol. Kool-Rite™ modular technology has been adapted to a wide variety of draft tower shells and is the preferred choice of installers and retailers. We are proud of its uncompromising draft quality and dependable cooling performance at the point of dispense!

    Kool-Rite™, it’s simply the best! Watch this video to learn more about Kool-Rite™ technology.

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