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    Foam on Beer DetectorS (FOBs)

    FOBs, or as we call them Profit Maximizers™, installed in a long draw draft beer system will reduce beer waste and increase beer profits. The purpose of this article is to describe how a FOB works and to explain how using a FOB(s) can increase profits from draft beer sales when installed on a long draw beer dispensing system.

    Beer Waste is Reduced

    When a FOB is installed on a long draw beer line and the keg empties, the beer flow is stopped immediately. The beer line remains full of beer instead of filling with foam.

    Keeping the lines full of beer eliminates the need to refill the lines and purge the system with beer when tapping the next keg. This will significantly reduce beer waste. The actual reduction is based on the length of draw of the beer system being considered.

    The following table shows the amount of beer-loss each time a keg empties without a Profit Maximizer™ installed:

    $7.50 PER KEG CHANGE!

    Assumption: 3/8 I.D. tubing containing 3/4 oz. per foot. Example: 200' system – 150 oz of beer per keg (150 oz. x $0.05 = $7.50 cost / per keg change)

    Stop Pouring Profit Down the Drain

    An establishment without FOBs installed dispenses 20 kegs per week through a system that has a 100-foot beer draw. The beer needed to purge and refill the lines would equal approximately 46 - 12 oz. glasses. Multiply the number of glasses by the profit per glass. Let's say at $1.00 per glass. This would equal 46 dollars per week wasted. As you can see, FOBs installed in a long draw system will reduce your waste, increase your profits, and pay for itself in only 6 kegs!

    Make the investment and install FOBs in your long draw beer system. Stop pouring profits down the drain.

    Beer Flow Operates the FOB

    Beer flowing from the keg forces the float inside the FOB into the up position, allowing beer to flow to the faucet.

    When a keg empties, the float drops down, stopping the beer flow from the keg. Tap a new keg and reset your FOB. Pushing the vent mechanism allows the gas/foam to release from the chamber. This function allows the beer to flow from the keg into the chamber, lifting the float and allowing beer to flow to the faucet.

    Maintenance of FOBs

    FOBs must also be maintained and cleaned regularly; the same way beer lines are cleaned.

    How do the FOBs get cleaned? FOBs are equipped with a float-lifting device. This device lifts the float off the beer outlet hole, allowing the flow of cleaning fluids to enter and exit the FOB detector and travel to the faucet.

    Under no circumstances should the FOBs be bypassed during the cleaning process. Failure to clean the FOBs on a regular schedule will result in contaminated beer to the customer.

    Raise a Glass to Draft Beer Sales!

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