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    Big on Beer Dispensing Education

    Learn the Secrets of the Perfect Pour and Much More

    Does draft beer seem like a mystery to you? What's the proper temperature or pressure setting? Do you know how to serve the perfect pour? These are just a few questions by people who own a kegerator. Micro Matic has set out to take the mystery out of draft beer systems by offering free education designed for technical and non-technical beer drinkers. Micro Matic has compiled the most comprehensive web resources by creating a library of free beer education materials. Within minutes you can access articles, videos, and advice from beer experts on hundreds of topics.

    Hear it from the Experts

    Micro Matic is an excellent source for the highest quality draft beer equipment and a one-stop encyclopedia of draft beer equipment information. We don't just supply our customers with the best equipment; we also provide the education needed to utilize it properly. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, Micro Matic has spent years compiling articles, videos, and tutorials to help you properly use your draft beer system. Visit our vibrant online beer community forum where commercial and private members, technical, and non-technical, find a relaxed platform to discuss a wide range of beer dispensing topics.

    Got Questions?

    You'll find the answers to your questions in our easy-to-navigate Frequently Asked Draft Beer Questions section. Dozens of everyday questions have been answered to help you serve the highest quality beer possible. Anything from How do I tap a keg? What pressure do I need to set the CO2 regulator? or What keg tap will fit my keg? are clearly and concisely answered for you. Whether you're just starting or you've been running a bar for years, Micro Matic has the answers to your questions.

    Watch and Learn

    In our educational section, instructional videos will teach you everything from the temperature at which beer should be refrigerated to the three-step process of beer line cleaning. Micro Matic's video library pares easily-to-read illustrations with step-by-step narration, giving you a simple and effective learning resource. Tune in and learn more about draft beer systems today!

    Raise a Glass to Draft Beer Sales!

    For over 60 years, Micro Matic has been recognized as one of the world’s leading suppliers of draft beer equipment. We specialize in keg-to-glass technology and offer a total solution for meeting your draft beer equipment needs. Our dedication to customer service is supported by four regional sales and distribution centers, the Micro Matic Dispense Institute for training and education, and a Certified Installer Network for draft beer installations. Want to speak with a “perfect pour” expert? Contact Micro Matic today.