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    How to Install and
    Adjust a Regulator?

    Attach the regulator to the cylinder. Before tightening, tilt regulator to position for easily viewing gauge pointers. Review the following steps:

    STEP 1
    Close the shutoff valve on the regulator and turn the adjustment screw or knob counterclockwise completely. Open the valve on the gas cylinder. Note the position of the pointer on the high-pressure gauge (directly across from the inlet). Conduct leak test: If the pointer drops after the cylinder valve is closed, retighten the regulator onto the cylinder and/or check the seal. If reading holds after a few minutes, turn the cylinder valve back on until it stops.

    STEP 2
    Slowly turn the regulator adjustment screw clockwise until the desired pressure is shown on the low-pressure gauge (at 12 o’clock position) pointer. Gas flows from the regulator to the keg coupler in the "off" position. If adjusted pressure too high, adjust screw counterclockwise until pointer reads zero. Readjust clockwise to the appropriate pressure. Open shutoff valve.

    STEP 3
    The low-pressure gauge pointer will drop momentarily until the pressure has equalized in the keg. The pointer should eventually return to the original setting. If the pointer moves continuously, this indicates a pressure leak. Perform additional leak test, as stated in step #1. If pointer drops, evaluate “Gas In” port at keg coupler to assure tubing clamp is secure, one-way valve/seal is in place, and hex nut is tight.

    STEP 4
    Place the keg coupler in the “on” position. It is designed with a pressure relief valve (PRV). Pull the ring on the PRV briefly to allow gas to vent. This will permit gas to flow through the regulator and confirm that the pointer resumes the original position.


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