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    Guinness Stout Faucet – Without Handle

    A Guinness Stout Faucet is a specialized beer dispensing tool designed for serving Guinness and other stouts. It is typically crafted with high-quality materials to ensure durability and efficient dispensing. This stout faucet is known for its distinctive design, which facilitates the creation of the characteristic creamy head that is a hallmark of a perfectly poured Guinness pint.
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    Replacement Parts
    Replacement Parts

    To properly pour Guinness® and achieve the famous and unique head on the beer, you need a specialty European Guinness Stout Faucet. The faucet operates by pulling forward and down on the beer tap handle. This deluxe stout beer faucet also features a stainless steel body and a restricted spout containing a tiny disc. The restrictor disc helps slow the pour and allows the beer to pour properly. Remove the restrictor disc if you need to pour regular beer with this faucet.


    • Specialty European stout beer faucet helps Guinness® achieve that famous and unique head
    • Deluxe stout faucet features a polished stainless steel body
    • The black plastic nozzle is specially designed with a restricted spout that contains a tiny disc
    • The restrictor disc helps slow the downpour and allows the beer to pour properly
    • Restrictor disc can be removed when you need to pour regular beer with this faucet

    NOTE: This faucet can only be used with a Guinness® Tap Handles. For all other handles, please refer to the JESF-3 and JESF-4 faucets.

    USAGE TIP: DO NOT pull the faucet handle more than 45 degrees when pouring. Doing so will cause the internal diaphragm to fail and permanently leak. For a leaking faucet, replacement diaphragm, and part number, call customer service.

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