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    Gas Cylinder Knob Wheel

    Need a new hand wheel for your CO2 tank? This durable Gas Cylinder Knob Wheel fits CGA valves.
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    Go for this high-quality replacement Gas Cylinder Knob Wheel. that costs a fraction of the price. Over time or with frequent use, the handwheel of your beer CO2 tank can break or go missing. But there’s no need to waste money on a whole new beer keg gas tank.  

    Without a hand wheel, you will have a hard time operating your gas tank, which is necessary for serving draft beer. So, it’s a good idea to have one of these replacement parts on hand.


    • Replacement hand wheel for a gas tank of draft beer system
    • More economical to replace a single part than buying a new tank
    • Fits CGA valves (standard US valve style)
    • Black finish
    • Recommended to have a spare part in case your original breaks or goes missing
    • Tank, connecting nuts, and hardware not included

    NOTE: This item is for the handwheel only. Tank, connecting nuts, and hardware are not included.

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