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    Yuengling Draft Haus & Kitchen
    seeking success from Micro Matic

    Beer on Display in Tampa

    When planning the tap system at their new Draft Haus & Kitchen in Tampa, FL, Yuengling turned to the design experts at Micro Matic. Together, they developed a solution that showcases their craft brews while performing at a high level of efficiency throughout a large brewing space. As the largest and oldest craft brewery in the U.S., this $20M expansion is part of a reinvigorated effort to solidify Yuengling’s commitment to the sustainability of draft beer.

    Brewing for Generations

    Since their founding in Pottsville, PA in 1829, Yuengling brewing has been passed down through six generations of the Yuengling family. Today, America’s oldest brewery continues to be family-owned and operated. In their efforts to expand distribution, Yuengling purchased and re-opened the former Stroh’s brewery in Tampa, FL in 1999. The addition of the Yuengling Draft Haus & Kitchen to their Tampa campus is one of the latest projects to be completed under their leadership.

    With craft brewing expertise spanning more than 190 years, Yuengling has remained committed to sustainable brewing practices and the reduction of their carbon footprint. As a result of recycling brewing products, incorporating reusable kegs, and their energy and water conservation efforts, Yuengling has been named one of the seven 2023 Keg Champions by the Steel Keg Association.

    Yuengling Turns to a Trusted Partner

    When it came time for the addition of Yuengling Draft Haus & Kitchen at the brewery location in Tampa, Dick Yuengling knew it was essential to work with a team who was capable of bringing his project to life. So, he turned to John Soler, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Micro Matic, and the project was placed into the hands of Neil Cahill, Micro Matic’s Director of System Design.  

    Micro Matic, founded in 1953 and present in over 120 countries, is the world's leading supplier of premium On Tap dispensing solutions and equipment, from small restaurants to large-scale stadium spaces. The team at Micro Matic stands by its mission to deliver the highest-quality draft dispense equipment through innovation, unparalleled product engineering and testing, on-time delivery, and world-class customer service.

    Yuengling’s Roots

    ​​​​​​​In order to maintain their brand and stay true to their values, they cannot compromise or cut corners. Working with the Micro Matic team ensured the Yuengling vision was able to come to life while meeting the expectations of both the Yuengling leadership team and visitors to their brewery.  

    “Yuengling is strategic in how they want their brand to be portrayed,” says Cahill. With such strong brand recognition, it is essential that all visitors to the brewery enjoy a consistent, high-quality glass of beer. Such standards can only be met using the best equipment and designs available, which Cahill and Micro Matic have been able to deliver for more than two decades.  

    Micro Matic has a reputation for maintaining a high standard of excellence. Not only has Micro Matic completed other large-scale projects, but they are known as an industry leader who can provide reliable solutions for breweries, covering everything from keg to glass.

    Crafting the Perfect Pour

    When designing the space, the Micro Matic team had some obstacles to overcome. Initial building plans were created in the fall of 2019, only to be struck by the barriers that came along with a global pandemic. Like many other businesses, Yuengling ran into supply chain delays. Despite facing roadblocks, both teams stayed committed to the construction of the new restaurant.

    While designing a brewery and restaurant of this size, there were many considerations to ensure a perfect pour: the position and number of dispensing locations, the various styles of beers, and the length of run. The experienced designers at Micro Matic knew that it was critical to understand these factors to deliver a highly efficient draft system without compromising beer quality.

    One unique challenge was specifying draft systems for two outside bars in addition to the interior spaces. Florida’s heat and humidity can be unforgiving, especially in the summer, so building a properly refrigerated and balanced system was essential. With those challenges in mind, Cahill determined above-standard cooling capacity was required for the glycol units, which maintain the temperature of beer lines between the walk-in cooler and bar locations. Additionally, working with the building designer, keg coolers were located as close to the point of dispense as possible, making the system more energy efficient. Gas blenders installed at each walk-in cooler provide a custom blend of CO2 and nitrogen, which preserve kegs and ensure proper dispensing of Yuengling’s products.

    The result was perfection. The stunning 42,000 square foot taproom features thirteen Micro Matic custom draft towers across the space, with five bars and 88 total tap handles. Four nitrogen generators, six glycol units, and approximately 850 feet of trunk line work together to complete the system.

    Throughout the process, Dick Yuengling, along with Vice President of Hospitality Brent Wertz, remained involved in day-to-day decisions and construction of the restaurant. Every vendor involved stayed committed to seeing the project through to Yuengling's vision. PRO BEV, a member of Micro Matic’s Installer Network, completed the installation to the highest-quality standards. PRO BEV has partnered with Micro Matic for other large-scale draft beer installations throughout Tampa, FL, including Raymond James Stadium and Tropicana Field.

    Tampa’s Beer Destination

    On June 14th, 2023, the Yuengling Draft Haus & Kitchen opened their doors to the Tampa community. The space is designed to highlight Yuengling’s famous beers within a high-energy dining environment.

    Though the Draft Haus & Kitchen only recently opened its doors, the Yuengling team plans to expand their reach and introduce more public spaces throughout the property. Currently, the Yuengling Draft Haus can accommodate 500 guests, with plans to increase capacity up to 800. In the coming months, the brewery will open the Yuengling Bistro Kitchen, an outdoor concession space, as well as an outdoor entertainment area, private dining, and conference rooms to host special events.

    Ongoing Service and Support

    Even though the initial project is completed, Micro Matic and PRO BEV continue to be supporting partners for the Yuengling Draft Haus in Tampa to ensure their beers are consistently cold and delicious through routine maintenance of all dispensing equipment on the property. Once a Micro Matic system is in place, our clients can count on our national installer network for ongoing support.

    Micro Matic’s goal for any project is to set their draft beer partners up for success, no matter the scope or scale. Now that the Draft Haus & Kitchen system is in the hands of the Yuengling team, brewery guests will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious beer poured from the best equipment in the industry.


    For over 60 years, Micro Matic has been recognized as one of the world’s leading suppliers of draft beverage equipment. Specializing in keg-to-glass technology, we offer a total solution for meeting beverage equipment needs. Our dedication to customer service is supported by four regional sales and distribution centers, the Micro Matic Dispense Institute for training and education, and a Certified Installer Network for installations. Want to speak with a “perfect pour” expert? Contact Micro Matic today.