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    Do all brands of beers use the same keg tapping equipment?

    Not all brands of draft beer use the same type of valve in the keg. Each distinct "system" requires matching the appropriate keg coupler to the keg valve. In the U.S., there are eight different "systems" in use:

    "D" System (American Sankey)
    The most common system available in the U.S., is also known as the American Sankey. Used by all the major breweries: Anheuser-Busch, Miller, Molson-Coors, Labatt, and most craft breweries.

    VIDEO: How to use a D or S System coupler.

    "S" System (European Sankey)
    Many European breweries use this system, also known as European Sankey. Distinguished by its longer, narrower probe than the D System. Used by breweries such as Heineken, Becks, Amstel Light, and Pilsner Urquell.

    VIDEO: How to use a D or S System coupler and basic differentiation.

    "A" System (German Slider)
    Commonly referred to as the German Slider because it slides onto the valve face. Used by breweries such as Hoegaarden, Paulaner, Spaten, and Warsteiner.

    VIDEO: How to use an A System coupler.

    "M" System
    Recently introduced to the U.S. market. The body is the same as the German Slider, but the probe configuration is unique. Used by breweries such as Schneider, Aventinus, and Einbecker.

    VIDEO: How to use an M System coupler.

    "G" System
    This system gets its name from the English developer, Grundy. The valve face can be thought of as a circle with three sides cut off. Used by breweries such as Bass, Boddington's, Caffrey’s, and Anchor Steam (50-liter kegs).

    VIDEO: How to use a G System coupler.

    "U" System
    This system takes its name from the English manufacturer UEC. Used by breweries such as Guinness and Harp.

    VIDEO: How to use a U System coupler.

    This system is in limited use by some regional craft breweries.

    KeyKeg System
    One-way keg valve system utilized by import and craft breweries.

    Home Brew
    Two-piece ball-loc fittings and connection for homebrew (Cornelius) tanks.


    As there are literally tens of thousands of breweries and brands of beer available, it's simply not possible for Micro Matic to maintain a listing of the sizes of keg, or area in which, each brand of draft beer is available. For those brands of beer not covered in our listing, we recommend simply inquiring about the system of keg coupler with the company you are purchasing your kegs from. If they do not know, they can make a quick call to the beer distributor or brewery to find out this information for you.

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