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    How Can Beer Be Dispensed from
    a Tower on Countertop
    Just Above the Kegerator?

    Keep in mind that temperature is by far the most important factor in dispensing draft beer from a keg. Temperatures of most types of beers must be maintained between 36-38° F all the way to the glass. To check the dispensed temperature, pour a full glass of beer and dispose of it. Dispense a second pour in the same glass and read the beer's temperature using a calibrated thermometer. If warmer than beer in the keg, this indicates the system has issues maintaining temperature throughout. (See What temperature do I need to store draft beer at?)

    Another indication of inconsistent temperature is when the faucet is initially opened, the flow is foam but then immediately clears. This will cause dispensing issues as it is impossible to deliver clear beer into a glass that already has a slight amount of foam. Breeds more foam.

    Simply insulating the beer hose's length from the refrigerator to the tower will not solve a temperature problem. Even a few inches of beer hose that is not kept at 36-38° F will result in foam and may promote sour/cloudy beer.

    The blower with a flex tube circulates cold air inside the tower, maintaining beer temperature to the glass. A solution for dispensing draft beer to a tower located on a countertop just a few inches directly above your home kegerator (or freezer) is quite simple. Imagine that when a tower is mounted directly on top of a kegerator, the cold air from it circulates within the tower and helps maintain the beer at the ideal 36-38° F temperature all the way to the faucet, thus glass. The gap between the countertop and top of the kegerator must be closed with a makeshift insulated duct to allow this cool air to circulate. Remember always to wear safety glasses and gloves while following the procedures below.

    Based on the dimension of the tower and holes in the top of the kegerator/countertop, purchase a short length of either 2" or 2-1/2” inside diameter schedule 40 PVC pipe at your local hardware store. Cut a length to fit between the top of the refrigerator and then flush with the counter's top.  Before inserting PVC between these two points, insulate between the kegerator and counter around, although not blocking holes. Seal PVC at joints with silicone to prevent cold air leaks.  

    If the kegerator is not of a commercial grade (has a built-in flex hose), install a small blower with a 1” flex hose. Route flex hose up into tower as far as possible. Thus, allows cold air circulation from within refrigeration into the tower maintaining  36-38° F beer temperature all the way to the glass. A hole will be required in the kegerator wall for the blower plug.


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