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    Receiving Merchandise:
    ​​​​​​​Freight Carrier

    Customer Responsibility Notice  (Please read and agree to the terms below)  

    Upon delivery of the shipment, it is the customer’s responsibility to carefully unpack and inspect the contents thoroughly for any sign of damage before signing the carrier’s freight bill of lading. The driver is required by his/her employer to wait during your inspection.

    If damage is found, you should refuse the shipment immediately and the driver is required to take the shipment back. If the outside packaging is damaged, but the contents are not, you should accept the shipment, but make a note on the freight bill the outside packaging was damaged. This will protect your rights in the event there is concealed damage.

    By signing the carrier's freight bill, without any notations of damage, you are agreeing the shipment was delivered in good condition. Any damage found after that point, should be directed to the freight carrier in the form of a concealed damage claim. Micro Matic has no recourse to file a freight damage claim once the shipment was signed for as received in good condition.

    For damaged shipments that have been refused, we will ship a replacement or refund the Buyers money. All replacement shipments will be shipped standard service. Special or expedited shipping service is available upon request and will be at the Buyers expense.

    Accepted shipments with freight bill notations of damaged packaging and then found to have concealed damaged, must be reported to the freight carrier within 48 hours of delivery. Such occurrences will be remedied as soon as possible with replacement of damaged items shipping once the damaged freight is inspected and accepted by the freight carrier.

    For all shipments, the packaging should be saved in good order for seven (7) days.